In Which Bailey Meets a Baby

21 06 2009

Our friends “Charlotte” and “Teppo” have a ad-or-ab-le two month old baby boy.
We always try to make them feel welcome, letting them know that we will always play “Pass the Baby!” (in which the baby goes from adult to adult while the parents partake in activities)

So Much More Room for Activities!

So Much More Room for Activities!

While “Charlotte” was preparing to feed, Baby was Not Happy.
Wailing in the way that only small children can, Bailey finally notices that there is a little person at the end of the sofa.
Bailey looks at Baby, looks at me, looks at Baby.
Bailey crawls across the sofa, across me and looks at Baby, as this beautiful diagram  illustrates.

Baby continues to cry.
Bailey starts sniffing at Baby, “WHAT is this?!” she asks. “It is a squeekey toy? I can totally get that squeeker out!”
Meanwhile, Baby is quite yelly, unaware that Bailey is asking to carry him around.
After  many “NO! Do NOT eat the Baby!” Bailey resorts to trying to communicate.
Bailey: Arou-roo-roo
Bailey: roo-roo-roo-aroo!
Bailey: Ma-ooh-ohh-roo!

(for those of you, which is like, pretty much everyone, who hasn’t met Bailey, she does try to “talk”… I.E. When you come in the door, she sounds like a wookie. Due to trying to keep my dog from trying to carry a baby around, I was unable to get the camera. Steve and Teppo were playing Wii.)

To this Baby looks bewildered and continues to cry.
Bailey decides that because it Baby isn’t a toy or a treat, retreats to the end of the sofa and looks at me like “It’s loud. Make it stop.”

For the record, Bailey is 100% better with toddlers/babies who can sit up.
In the summer at SMS’, Bailey will sit in the kiddie pool while children dump water on her, tail wagging the entire time.
When Steve’s cousin brings her girls over, Bailey patiently waits for them to drop crackers on the carpet.
Actually, she’s more interested in children’s toys, the downfall of just giving her garage sale finds.




4 responses

21 06 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Tucker has always been fond of all forms of baby — he licks them all over, I think because they are small and tend to taste like food.

22 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Bailey Sez: Tucker! I jus kinda lyked da baby becuz mom kept yellin at me an was all “BEEEESS!”. Tell you wat dough, his butt smelled deeeeeeleeecccooouusss. Momma’s butt don smell like dat.

22 06 2009

Dixie says: I’ve neva met a hyooman baby, do they tayst good wen yoo lik them Bailey???

22 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Bailey Sez: HI Dixie! Babies does taste nommers! I prefer mi babbies with more sticky hands (like from ice cream) but dis baby had a wonderfully stinky butt.

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