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15 06 2009

Whilst not quite the chaos-ridden crazy person I was last week, I am still feeling a bittle overwhelmed and “YYEAAARRRRGGGHHH!”
For example:

* Next week I am having V.I.P.[plural] at Casa Mak. Things left to do so it doesn’t look like we live in complete squalor:
– climb over piles of who-knows-what in the “office” and do a severe binge/clean.
I.E. return Christmas wrapping paper to it’s proper location in the crawlspace… December/January/February/March/April/May/June (yes, really), thin out Crafts That Have Gone Nowhere, remove straight pins from Berber carpeting, fix collapsed bookcase, purge closet so it can be used…
– Plant vegetable garden
– Put molding along upstairs bathroom ceiling to conceal where painting went awry
– Remove all mold from grout (one VIP is highly sensitive to mold, Casa Mak dwellers would not notice if there was mold holding the doors to the house shut)
– Attachment of ficus trees to deck for entertainment purposes
– Cleaning of Former Office Fish’s tank
– Beer stocking
– Wall cleaning/cobweb abatement
– Replace stairwell spindles that Bailey ate through when she was a puppy. Yes, for the record she will be 5 in August.

* Meanwhile, I’ve been hit with something… I’m back to headaches/sleepiness/inability to regulate body temperature. Actually, as I type this, yesterday marked the end of “placebo week” for my “continued child-free lifestyle” medication. Note to self.

* I’m 100% more excited about my VIPs than about my birthday

* We went out on Saturday to celebrate our good friend’s 30th. Chaos ensued and there are photos of a sunburnt Stephanie making an ass of herself. In retrospect, that outfit looked much better in the comfort of my home.*

* Went to a bridal shower yesterday. Full of awkwardness. I knew four (out of fifty-something) people. Other Woman Who Knew Three People and I became friends as she picked out a nice corner. One of the women I knew ended up having her former Realtor sit next to her.

Meanwhile, I am working though my headache and hopefully will accomplish a run this afternoon.
Friday’s run found me going at 5.5-5.7 MPH pace quite comfortably and I peaked at 6.7MPH.
Seriously empowering.


Stephanie should not be fed beer after midnight

Stephanie should not be fed beer after midnight

Also, Stephanie looks like she's hiding an innertube under that top

Also, Stephanie looks like she's hiding an innertube under that top

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13 responses

15 06 2009

I’m fully familiar with the pre-VIP visit clean-up… fun times… Just an FYI – they don’t care. They just want to see you.

And I want to see the pictures.

15 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I’m only cleaning because the last time they came over (in 2006), I came home one day to find the Female VIP disinfecting my stove because it “looked like it needed it”, which is really code for “The Male VIP is freaked out by whatever is permaburnt onto the burner”.

15 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Please note, I have no shame.

15 06 2009

The dancing/sunburn one? Hilarious.

The other one – I don’t think is bad. I don’t see any such intertube.

15 06 2009

the plastic tub is your friend. everything goes in. all goes to garage, crawlspace, under beds, attic, etc. plastic is spider proof… prioritize that list and you might feel less overwhelmed!

then again? guests who like to clean…. hmmm….

16 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

My office closet is full of plastic tubs… half-full too… I’m starting to feel all “Mommy Dearest” about them… “NO MORE PLASTIC TUBS! *thump thump thump*”

15 06 2009

It is nice to see people are bright enough to break out the camera when the alcohol starts flowing.

16 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

And these are the LEAST embarrassing… I used the term “hot mess” to describe the photos

16 06 2009

there’s nothing like company to inspire frenzied household cleaning! i love having parties (halloween and sometimes easter) just so i can do my MAJOR fall and spring cleaning under pressure. have fun with the veeps!

16 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

It’s not that I wouldn’t do this work (the office is work in process for months now), but now I have a timetable to complete with, which is when I do my best work.

16 06 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Ugh, I would totally have been in that corner too if there were that many people there I didn’t know. Or possibly outside hiding in the car.

17 06 2009

Hmmmm… are you sure it’s not swine flu????

18 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oink Oink Oink!

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