5 06 2009

I adore Friday Morning traffic.
It’s typically light as most industry in the area seems to run on four 10s (rather than five 8s). Light traffic means I get to the parking lot 5-8 minutes early and I can typically walk to work.
Anywho, this allows for a leisurely drive/walk with lots of time to take in all that’s around me… like,

– G.D.* I hate those balls[testicles] that some people hang off their truck hitches. Gentlemen, balls are gross in the first place…
– Homage sticker. To a cow.
– Jesus fish decal with a little school of Jesus fish decals.
– Freshly smacked deer in the left lane of the northbound 219
– Clearly agitated women in her car, yelling at a guy who decided, three steps into the crosswalk, that he couldn’t make it and turned around.
– I know I’ve got an ample bottom, always have… this does not mean that I don’t notice that you’re checking me out.
– In the “mall” the former newstand looked clean and there were lights on… I recall there being a liquor store in that location and I’m not quite sure what I’m rooting for (as far as tenant).
– It really is a nice morning…

* “God Damn”




11 responses

5 06 2009

OMG! I just posted about those “balls” the other day!! Disgusting.

Butt is in 🙂

5 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Ugh, it’s not like we’re hanging labias on our hitches…

5 06 2009

i think ovaries should dangle from our rear view mirrors…

5 06 2009

maybe there should be a movement to affix tampons or mini pads to each and every set of those “balls” Ew.
Who ever thought those were a good idea.

I thought I was going to blow a gasket when two cars were driving side by side blocking both lanes of traffic and the people chit chatting like no one else had anywhere to be anytime soon GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…

5 06 2009

Connie, this is a fabulous idea.

5 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oh, you have me twitching!

5 06 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Love the “mall” … we had some “malls” around the Utica area, too. Now they’re probably “parking lots”.

7 06 2009

Interesting drive to work
Truck Testicles?????
I hate when some silly old fart (Not me) indicates to turn into a street your coming out of so you think you can go, then they don’t turn but go straight ahead then turn into a driveway just after the intersection. I’ve had so many close calls like that

7 06 2009

I’m confused, thinking that the former news stand is at the second floor walkway while the liquor store was an outside entrance only near the middle on Main. Have to check it out.

I find myself getting somewhat angry at the stupid things people do while driving until I’m the screwup. Then I think people need help for their obvious rage disorders.

7 06 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

maybe there was more than one… ‘s been so long since there was a tenant there. It’s the one right near the walkways to AM&A’s; neon remains visible from the street “NY LOTTO”.

8 06 2009

Okay, I peeked into where the liquor store used to be and saw “Lews News” or something on the far wall, so that’s probably it…1st floor outside entrance.

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