26 05 2009

After this long weekend, the tally is as follows…

Him: 1 case of poison ivy
Me: 1 set of sunburned kneecaps (note: if you apply sunscreen while wearing Bermudas, pull up over your knees so when you sit, your knees don’t get burnt.)
Bailey: Multiple trips to Mister Jack’s stream = whimping.
Me: Intended to pack lunch, forgot.

Camera cord is at home (dammit) and Mister Pickles has some competition.




6 responses

26 05 2009

can’t wait to see the pics! Mr P is whipped from several hours of bark-park action this weekend!

26 05 2009

Who is Mr. Pickles??

26 05 2009

Duh – just read comment. I am guessing canine.. Sorry!

26 05 2009
Tucker The Much-Better-Than-Dennis Vizsla

“Pickle” is one of Tucker’s many nicknames, but he doesn’t get a “Mr.” in front of it. Good advice about the knees!

28 05 2009

I am not sure how you can burn you knee caps…unless you were sitting for a long time with your legs propped in the air?

29 05 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I was wearing long shorts. I sprayed the sunscreen while I was standing up and when I sat, my shorts got shorter, thus exposing my tender kneecaps.
It’s a lot less sexy then your version, I’m afraid.

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