And This is What We Call “A Gentle Let-Down”

21 05 2009

With the deconstruction of The Aud, there are a number of demolition men around the lot where YOT has day care.
Honestly, I can’t complain about the demo guys. Maybe they’re different then construction guys; being that they cat call AFTER you’re out of earshot.  These guys are pretty nice. They wave to me, petty conversation.
On my walk in yesterday, there was a new guy who gave me the usual, “How ya doin’? Have a good day!”
I saw him on the way back to YOT, he was directing traffic as another portion of street perimeter wall was coming down. Meanwhile, there was a tourist who was lost and the construction guys didn’t know where Church Street was. I helped the tourist and the New Guy waves me over.
“Hey.”, he says.
“Hey.” I reply.
“Have a good day?”
“Suppose so. You?”
“Yeah. You married?”
“Okay, have a nice afternoon then.”




12 responses

21 05 2009

It is always nice to be noticed 🙂 (in a good way)

21 05 2009

LMAO. That whole exchange was so polite!!!

21 05 2009

I’m compelled to share my last similar experience.

Place: Little Italy, NYC

“Come eat at my restaurant”
“No, that’s okay, I already ate thanks!”
“I can make you hungry again!” (Lecherous look)
YES… (DOUBLE lecherous look)
– hysterical laughter, combined with an offer of a massage and free food…

21 05 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Must be your real boobies 🙂 They hold all the power.

No wonder people fall into stereotypes!

(for the record: Steve gave me the “all clear” to reply “It depends, what’s in it for me?” the next time a demo guy asks about my relationship status. Thank hun.)

21 05 2009

oh…it’s been so long since someone tried to pick me up…or card me. sad. i guess i have that haggard, married look.

21 05 2009

Short of well polished & sparking rock on ones ring-finger (or possessing the Jedi mind-tick) seems to me that one must verbally express interest (cat-calls count, don’t they?) in an attempt to provoke a mutual interest. If male is shut down, He’ll likely resort to Jackson Browne’s ode to loneliness song “Looks like it’s me & you again tonight, Rosie”

Be well & good cheers !

21 05 2009

awww…. that was nice! much better than “hey baby, howz about a little bouncy-bouncy?”

22 05 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

@ daisyfae: *shudder* Indeed. And thank goodness I’m not subject to any crotch grabbing.

21 05 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

That WAS very polite. No muss, no fuss!

21 05 2009

Demo guys are the same as construction guys…especailly in this economy.

22 05 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

@ MTAE: my construction guys are very, um, forward. The demo guys are more subtle. Then again, they get a birds eye view of my cleavage…

23 05 2009

How nice! Seriously. To have a guy ask you politely, seemingly to care. Hope he finds himself a lady friend soon. And you know it totally made you feel wonderful! Yay!

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