Ebb and Flow

15 05 2009

By accident, I ended up sleeping with socks on Monday night.
And I slept.
So each night since then, I’ve been doing the sock thing and have been sleeping fairly well.
They can’t be day-to-day socks.
Can’t be Mary Jane style slipper socks.
Can’t be furry/stringy.
Can’t be the toe-mitten ones.

mmmm, sleepy

I think they’re chennel or something… they’re light weight but warm.

Anyway, I was going someplace with this.

So, it being mid-May and slipper socks being a winter type item and my owning like, three pair, of said socks… we ended up on a whirlwind journey last night to find The Elusive Slipper Sock.
Our journey took us to the mothership of consumerism, The Mall.
While trying to smoke out The Elusive Slipper Sock, we discussed other areas of things that we’d like. I.E. He wants a Wii.

me: Oh, you know when we find that extra hundred dollars lying about, the internet says I need to get a Margaritator.
him: A huh?
me: Margaritator.
him: and it does what now?
me: Makes margaritas. duh.
him: And that’s it?
me: NOOOO, it also makes slushies.
him: Don’t you already have one of those?
me: this is different.
him: How so?
me: Well, it’s green.
him: Oh. Okay then!

Upon further thought, I have a SMOOTHIE maker, not a slushy maker.



5 responses

15 05 2009

I have the margarator (I call it a Margarita-rator). If I could re-purchase? I’d do the fancy margaritaville ones. They are a little more expensive – but my “spout” leaks sometimes, and it’s super frustrating.

Got to love the 20% off BB&B coupons…

15 05 2009

Socks, for me take a whole new meaning after “locker room” incident. Just make sure you are wearing more than ONLY socks.

15 05 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

how come i wasn’t assigned a product? i’ll have to speak to ‘the internet’ about that one. geez…a girl goes camping for a few days and everyone forgets about her.

16 05 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

We have a Margarita-rator in our family too. Her name is Barbara.

16 05 2009

Babe, you send me that addy and I’m sending some happy socks. I know the ones.

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