These are my Confessions…

5 05 2009

Ah, let’s all play along…
For more fun (and not at all any kind of profit), if you decide that you don’t want to post with your name and whatnot, you can email me at katkis-at-yahoo-dot-com with the subject line “confessions” and I’ll post as me on your behalf.

– I read Craigslist missed connections
– I am FASCINATED by disaster
– Autopsies don’t bother me, but I can’t watch blood draws/inoculations
– I have NKOTB (old, natch) on my iPod
– My world domination platform will be that butter should be a food group
– It is much easier to get off my “good side” than back on
– Sometimes, I buy presents for people that I wish I could buy for myself
– I have always hated the way my legs look
– While I ‘ve made some stupid choices, I don’t really regret many of them
– After hanging out with a guy (okay, there was kissing involved)  I got home to realize he’d given me lice. I used dog flea shampoo because I didn’t want anyone to know I had lice (worth noting, we didn’t have a dog. Iwould hide the bottle in my towels and remove it from the bathroom after showering) . For the record, it works, but dries your hair out something awful.
– When I’m frustrated, I take it out in my dreams, often against people who have NOTHING to do with the situation. (I.E. last night I dreamed of getting in my MIL’s face and SCREAMING at her about how I went to every store in the area “AND THERE IS NO MYLANTA! THAT’S WHY I DIDN’T BRING ANY BACK!” Yes, I had popcorn before bed.)
– As a child, my peers mocked me by saying that I read encyclopedias for fun. I denied it, but it was true.
– I heart trivia
– My interest in things ebbs and flows. Right now, I am in my “history” phase… a year ago, it was classic architecture.
– I often spend more time hoping/wishing/waiting for things to happen and when they do, I regret wasting as much time I did hoping/wishing/waiting. Like, say, blood draws.
– I have only been in one fight. It was when I was 10. I jawed the school bully when she and her crew jumped me. I was told it went on my permanent record, but I’m pretty sure it never did.

Particular much Stephanie?
Steve emails me: Do you need anything in particular from the food store?
I reply: Probably a loaf of bread (seeing as we got lunch meat), 2 cans of Progresso 99% Fat Free Lentil soup, lite Wegman’s Mayo (the one in the fridge is old) NOT MIRACLE WHIP, Celery (if you ate the rest of it), spray imitation butter (whatever’s on sale/cheap), wet Bailey food, 3# bag of Gala apples (no substitutes)- check for stems(+)/brown spots(-), bag of frozen corn niblets (store brand is fine), ginger ale (my throat hurts!) cans or 2-liter, bag of salad, regular processed cheese slices (yellow or white), dial gold bar soap 3-pack…




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5 05 2009

I never ask someone to get something from the store for’s never what I want/specified.
I dream of how I will spend my lottery winnings but never ever buy lotto tickets.
I flip flop back and forth from reading alot to playing RuneScape on line(like for weeks at a time)
I used to love CSI Miami till my hubby ruined it by making fun of the lead actor. Now I can’t take it seriously anymore.(still feel disgruntled at said hubby for that stunt)
I will only eat EB eggs. all other brands just don’t taste right.
I only eat bananas when they have lots of green still on them and are fairly hard.
*just for you Steph….I love liver and at least once a week.

5 05 2009

– I am only slightly ashamed at the amount of musical trash on my ipod.
– I don’t read anything “smart” – law school drained that from me, and work is work. So I read magazines and a LOT of nonsense books. And I don’t care.
– I have an unhealthy obsession with celebrity gossip.
– I once wore two different colored shoes to work. I left to buy another pair before anyone could notice.
– I detest mashed potatoes. I don’t cook them, clean them, or allow them on my plate. People think my husband is deprived.
– I don’t always “click” with people and I have a hard time relating to people WAY different than I am.

There are several more… but those would have to be submitted “confidentially!”

5 05 2009

– the internet devours my time…and i dont’ care
– i have played spider solitaire at work when i should be working
– i hang up if the voice mail says, “For English, Press 1”
– i like any kind of food… except for that Eskimo stuff…
– i don’t have enough patience to read full length novels…give me short stories
– i like to listen to gossip, but feel dirty after doing so
– i’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking
– i have more confessions, but am stopping righ…..

5 05 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

It’s okay. I used to read encyclopedias (World Books, actually) for fun, too. And also, the dictionary.

5 05 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

oh, &#)(&^@!^#@. i wrote a whole, long post and when i clicked submit, my internet connection failed and now it’s gone.

so forget it. you don’t get to know the 10 secret things about me. DAMN. i am so annoyed right now.

6 05 2009


I am not sure what to confess. I am an open book over here.

7 05 2009

you were in my dream last night – no joke. it must have been the mylanta !!

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