Pass the… LIVER???!!!! eeewwwwwwww

27 04 2009

Well folks, the results are in from last weeks blood-letting.
While everything “looked good” (as I was told), ends up that yours truly is a bit lacking in the B-12 department.
I’m sitting at about half the level my doc would like to see.
This basically means I get to add another pill to the daily routine, with the hopes that my body can absorb and use some of it.

WebMd says that this may explain my fatigue and joint pain. The uppage in B-12 could also help with The Crazy.

Some noms rich in B-12: liver. Sardines. Hossenfeffer. Various other fishes. Duck. Steak and Kidney Pie.
Seems to me that this list is missing some vegetables.

And a “British” site said I can try something called “faggots”. Now, I thought those were smokes/cigarettes and I don’t really see how THAT is going to help anything.
Oh, ew, just googled it…. meatballs wrapped in intestine. Um, does anyone have gravy? Lots and lots of gravy. And cheese. And sorbet (that last one is for me).




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27 04 2009

raisins. And spinach. I think.

And I’m definitely less happified when I’m low on the B, so good luck!

27 04 2009
Mr Bill

Give me 3oz of mollusks please…. yummmmmm This is what happens when you don’t eat your meat like your parents always told you (sic). I hope this helps to cure some of your ills.
OK so now some fun stuff from me… I get my laptop disc replaced, work OK for a bit and then I lose my wireless. I replace my broadband board with no change, reload drivers and still down. Compaq extended warranty down as of Jan even though this is a known issue with the motherboard! WTF, after about an hour with Compaq and HP I schmooze them into a free repair instead of the $298 repair. They tell me I will lose all the data on my disc. I love computers, they make our lives so much easier….

27 04 2009

pills. better than gizzards…. blechhh….

27 04 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

urk. i’m swooning. stop talking about organs parading as food. (did you take the bandanna off the dog yet?!!)

27 04 2009

My wife and I were talking that we really wanted to increase the level of Hossenfeffer in our diet…NOT!!!!!

27 04 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Meatballs wrapped in what now? Seriously? Can’t this cuisine be stopped before it kills again?

28 04 2009

This is actually great news. I’m happy it isn’t something much worse.

28 04 2009

Hagis anyone??? I use a spray vitamin B-12 supplement. A few squirts in your mouth several times a day…less painful than eating organs. Hope you feel much better very soon!!!

28 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

[@ dolce] OH! I like a good spinach! None of the sites seemed to mention that, but hey, more spinach for me!

[@ Mr. Bill]
1) “Lose”, one “o”, unless your wireless is a floozy. Dorky Stephanie Says: “When you confuse ‘loose’ and ‘lose’, remember, ‘lose’ already ‘lost’ one ‘o’” (aren’t you glad I’m a nerd!)
2) If I did half the stuff you guys told me to, I wouldn’t have all these holes in my head. Oh, wait a minute…
3) Do clams count as mollusks?

[@ daisyfae] Blech is right! Really, internal organs are the only pill-alternative?!? What the hell?

[@ nat] Liver makes me think of that scene from Ghostbusters where the meat crawls across the counter top. And people wonder why I was a vegetarian. And Beans still has her scarf on; so people know she’s a she.

[@ mtae] Fatal Attraction?

[@ Dennis] Great, now we have Zombie Meatballs on our hands! THE HUMANITY!!!

[@ stacy] I’m glad it’s not worse too. Though, I like the feeling of knowing what is causing the issue(s)

[@ connie] SPPPPPPRRRAAAYYY? Oh, that sounds like fun! mmmmmm, incapacitating!

28 04 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

you’ll be the type to put a frilly headband on your infant daughter, won’t you??!?!?!??!!?

28 04 2009
Mr Bill

#3 Bivalves are molluscs belonging to the class Bivalvia, so clams count…
#2 Holes in the head are OK so long as you stay out of high winds…
#1 Loose is correct, you did nick-name her ‘Porny”…

28 04 2009
Life With Dogs

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