16 04 2009

Even with last years miraculous blood donation and this years re-inking, the prospect of having to get blood work done scares the snot out of me.
I had my yearly poke-n-prod last night, part of which was chastisation  for not having blood work done. Um, YOU’RE the one who didn’t give me the script and it’s not like I’m going to push FOR PEOPLE STICKING NEEDLES INTO ME.
After going though the usual laundry list of problems I come with, he’s hell-bent on having my thyroid re(re)checked, along with my B-12 and Vitamin D levels.
Oh, and let us re-commence “fiber therapy”.

Good lord, if this happens at 30, what happens at 50? 60? 70?
Maybe I’m getting it all out of the way now so I can be one of those skydiving grannies.
On second though, becoming a grandma require the initial parenting as over-analyzed by this group of friends:
(P.S. I ain’t so savvy in paint… should read “see the baby”.)





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16 04 2009

“Going to see 1 baby” still works

16 04 2009

I recently had my vitamin D levels checked; they were low, and I got vitamins. Miraculously cured my S.A.D. Testing, not all bad.

Did people SERIOUSLY think you were preggo, or just busting on your vague status (like I was?) ?

16 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I think people honestly thought I was with child… t.a.c.k.y.
Hmmm, all this time I thought I was good on the vitamin D front. Can’t they just tell me to take a multi and see if that clears things up? Oh, for when they can find things out about you without blood, that will be a good day.

16 04 2009

Totally tacky. I mean, if you were going to announce your impending spawn via facebook, you would have had to at least include a photograph of the “bump” or the sonogram, or something. LOL. People are insane, and clearly don’t know that just three days ago you were expressing frustration at the pressure to reproduce!

I wish it was that easy. I had NO IDEA my vitamin D was low. I’m like, huh, this explains EVERYTHING.

16 04 2009

adversions to needles -but why–just a little prick minimal pain and’re done–except when you get the newbie who has no clue or older one who just doesn’t give a crap-whichi if you’re like me is always the case..
I don’t have an adversion to needles as much as Narcotics(bad–very bad)

16 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

[@ hisqueen] lettttssss seee, rolling veins which prompt multiple pokes… weak veins which means the needle doesn’t want to stay where it’s put, causing bruising…

16 04 2009

yes but—-the good, caring nurses(lab techs) make every effort to make you comfy–especially since I’m sure they already know what your veins are like…not your fault…they need to make the effort–then give a cookie

16 04 2009

YOU’RE HAVING A BABY!?????????? why am i always the last to know this stuff?!?!?!? i’m so happy for you!!! and just think, you were teasing me with that post the other day about what to say when people ask if you’re starting a family. you’re so SLY!!!! yay!!!!!

16 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Curl, come here so I can beat you.

16 04 2009

heeeheheheheheheh. i couldn’t help it…it was too good to resist. sorry bouncer. xoxo

17 04 2009

I seriously had to resist the urge to play along with Curly Gurl! I have veins from hell and get blood drawn about every three months b/c we can’t seem to get things to function exactly right…
Let’s see…oh yeah…in the TMI category at age 50 or so…I get to have a colonoscopy next Friday Whoop. Eee.

lalalalala…patiently waiting to hear the graphic details of Easter

17 04 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

What? A baby? Where?!

18 04 2009
Dad and Mom

When your 50 you will be as healthy and as beautiful as your Mother. Just go in for one of those fancy high colonics now and then… it’s all the rage here at the Spas. EEEWWW!

19 04 2009

My veins are so deep, I can’t give blood without being mauled for half an hour. *shudder*

And I’m feeling thick – are you up the duff?

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