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15 04 2009

There was this guy in the hallway when I came up the stairs to my office.
Half-hour later, he comes into the office for a meeting that is scheduled to start in another half-hour; basically, he’s been hanging around for the better part of an hour.
I offer him coffee and water, he declines.
Setting him up in the conference room, I let the people whom he’s meeting with know he’s here.
The employee’s office (the one who was meeting with Hallway Guy) is right next to Constant Comment’s office. The “host” says to offer him coffee because he’s so early, to which I reply, laughing, “Oh, I tried that!”
Half-hour after the meeting has started, CC comes up to my desk.
me, nicely: Yeeeeesssss?
CC: Did anyone* offer that guy in the conference room coffee or water?
me: Yup, I did when he came in.
CC: ‘cuse he’s been sitting there for like, a half-hour. I wanted to make sure that he was taken care of.
me: Already took care of it.
And then I walk away.

This is the same guy who last week mentions that the person who usually buys the newspaper isn’t in and poutingly says  “I guess if we want the paper, someone else is going to have to go and get it.”
To which my reply was “Yup” and away I went.
(note: the person who buys the paper does so out of her own money and she takes the paper home with her)

What is it with these, and not to sound discriminatory, “old” people who think that because I’m “young” (being under the age of 40, which I guess, comparatively is young) I must be dumber then a box of copy paper.
It’s not just CC who does it… there was that guy who bothered me about the business cards…

I feel lately that I have to pick and choose  my battles. I can’t waste all my energy fighting all the time. So, does walking away from potential annoyance/conflict make me aloof?
And it’s not just work, the whole Easter fiasco has not yet come to a head.

* “And by anyone, I mean you.”




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15 04 2009

I don’t think it makes you aloof. In fact, the other option could be dangerous (i.e., “Go screw yourself”). Sometimes, you have no choice but to bite your tongue.

I’m sorry the Easter situation is as yet unresolved.

15 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

[@ stacy] Oh, I totally had to bite this morning, “Excuse me? Do you want to do my job? I mean, you really seem to know how to interact with people…” I waited 3 seconds and came up with “already took care of it”.

15 04 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

It sounds like you work at “Passive-Aggressives ‘R’ Us” — can’t anyone there just say what they mean? I would go nuts!

15 04 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

[@ Dennisthevizsla] Thank goodness I’m not going crazy… well, at least in this aspect…

15 04 2009

Aloof- no way. You’re just closing the passive-aggressive door on them. At my office that guy would have just had constant barrage of people in there to offer him coffee even though he just wanted to be left alone…even though I would have Said “its taken care of”.

16 04 2009

Walk away = keep your job = good for you

13 09 2010
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