The Great Sock Experiment AND The Ambiguous Livid

2 03 2009

The Great Sock Experiment
Last night, I neglected/forgot to wear socks to bed.
Result: up every couple of hours, drenched in sweat, dreams about taking tests to get on a trivia show…
Hypothesis: For whatever reason, I have to remember to wear socks to bed.  No, I don’t understand either.

The Ambiguous Livid
Because I need to vent, A LOT, and I don’t feel like PWP a post…
Someone I know is assisting in planning an event which requires a headcount.
Assistant pulled her weight, providing requested information (perhaps sporadic and a bit late, but none the less) and had volunteered to help as Planner is [supposedly] very busy.
People started contacting Assistant, asking if they were invited to the event.
Assistant contacts Planner, asking if any invitations got returned as there are people who did not get invitations.
Planner did not respond.
Assistant interpreted this as meaning “Things are okay!”
Assistant contacted Planner with some additional information. Planner relayed that the provision of invitations had been depleted and that Assistant will have to call invitees to verify RSVP status.
Planner did not say when invitations were exhausted, so Assistant does not know whom received invitations.
Planner originally stated X number of people should be attending.  Assistant and Assistants Assistant planned provisions and supplies for X number of attendees.
With less than two weeks to go before the event, Planner states that as it stands (without unknown unsent Assistant invitees) that the RSVP’d attendees is now (X*(.5)).
Yeah, can you see the livid?




5 responses

2 03 2009

Similar things happen to me, but only if I forget to remove my socks before going to bed. You’d think socks would be consistent.

SB: Oh, you know why that’s like that? Because you’re on the other side of the world. If you came over here to visit, you’d have to wear socks. It’s all very scientific.

2 03 2009

welcome back-I thought my singing had scared you away.
Keep up w/ the socks–maybe buy special sleeping ones…They make those now–help your feet breath and have Aloe in them for moisture.
Sounds like you have been frustrated all weekend w/ this RSVP/out of invits thing. Makes you want to bitch slap someone. Sounds like Planner is a complete doofus head–Good luck

SB: oh, see, it’s my friend who has been frustrated 😉

2 03 2009

I have funny dreams when I don’t take off my bra before bed.

3 03 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

hmmm, what kind of dreams 😉

1 05 2009
Frantic Friday! « please, stop bouncing

[…] #4) Wednesday to Thursday, I had a REALLY BAD nightmare. Last night, I was cold, so I put socks on. The dreams weren’t so bad, annoying, but that was about it. When I woke up, I was minus one […]

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