24 02 2009

Well, what The Lump is is kind of gross (just kind of, but still gross enough that I don’t feel the need to broadcast), but as long as I can stop picking at it, it’s not harmful.

So, once again, I freak-out and cry and worry myself into a pound of melted butter (yum!) for not.

Now, if someone could help me keep my hands out of my hair, that’d be cool.




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24 02 2009

Now you can’t even keep your hands to yourself…what is this world coming to…next thing you know, people will be eating sausage that isn’t even made from PIGS!!!!! Everything I thought to be right is now wrong!!!!!

SB: riiiight. Let’s blame my soy sausage obsession for my head lumps.

24 02 2009

told ya so… 🙂

S: what-ever.

24 02 2009

have Not-a- Doctor-Steve give you head massages. That will keep your hands free to pet Bailey and kitties. Otherwise think of all the germs your putting in it each time you touch. And you thought the biopsy was bad–wait till you have to get that infection lanced..Painful and grosser than now.
Good luck hate to have something that wants picking and not able to pick–like a nose for instance =)

Curlies back –does that mean the serenading will end…I thought I heard an aspiring Sarah Brightman

SB: lancing= not on list. Instead, I am eating popcorn 🙂 *cough* I will lie on your grave and will lie there forever…

25 02 2009

I think the popcorn idea is good. You might want to mix them with some M&M’s, delicious!

25 02 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

You could duct-tape oven mitts to your hands, like in that episode of “Friends” where Phoebe had chicken pox …

SB: You should not suggest things like that to me… Because I will….

25 02 2009

They tape “mittens” onto nursing home patients too! Apparently they scratch, try to escape and so forth.

25 02 2009

Aww…you need scratch mitts.. 😦 I am glad that you are okay though, and it’s nothing life threatening.

26 02 2009
M. Tornado Puppy

this post is more like a poem than a post. a poest?

Sb: Hm, yeah, I guess it is… I’m thinking another haiku Friday is called for.

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