Big Hair 101

22 02 2009
like, OMG!

like, OMG!

gee, thanks facebook.
Oh, that’s right, I’m sporting a hypercolor.  It’s the one with the guy who wears business when it’s cool and board shorts when  it’s heated up.

More to come.




13 responses

22 02 2009

That is so freakin’ awesome!!! We should ALL put up our 90’s pictures…..or not.

22 02 2009

Look how smiley you are with your bouncy hair! I think you look fabulous!

22 02 2009

I am thinking you look like you just “busted some Girls Just Wanna have Fun moves” Too darn cute!!!

Yep, the bangs are pretty impressive!

22 02 2009

i must break my code of silence for this picture.

hi-larious. long live the big hair!

SB: And you thought I was kidding.

22 02 2009

new theme? funny…i used this theme on my *new* blog…which has yet to debut.

SB: Yeah, it’s new… did you new yours yet?

22 02 2009

Wow, this is just how I remember you….. I had a matching hypercolor.

SB: did you see this photo on facebook? I’m pretty sure you’re on the other side, with said shirt… I didn’t want to tag you yet though… and seeing as that last time we saw each other in person we BOTH had big hair, I think it’d be funny if you remembered me otherwise.

22 02 2009

Whose shirt was that? It couldn’t have been yours.

SB: Oh, it sure was mine.

23 02 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

I had one of those shirts … it changed color between purple and like a pinky orange. It always drove me crazy though that the shirt had writing on it that said “Metamorphic Color System” — I wanted it to say “Metachromic” or something like that, because it changed color, not shape!

Then again, I could just be a big fat nitpicker …

SB: There isn’t anything wrong with nitpicking…

23 02 2009

I just wrote on your wall. Definitely me. Definitely wearing same shirt. I’m disturbed. What was I THINKING???

SB: Ah, see, that’s why I cropped the photo… trying to protect the fashion guilty. ‘member how after a while our curling irons wouldn’t close because they were so caked with spray and hair?

23 02 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oh, oh , oh and how we used to tuck our shirts in the front and leave them untucked in the back?!

23 02 2009

I think we are responsible for ruining the ozone layer, with our Rave and Aquanet. And the curling irons – ew. Why would we half-tuck in our shirts? I’m confounded….

23 02 2009

The smile is very bright and happy….I forwarded your info to Al Gore so he knows who to official blame for the ozone…I never had long hair–mine is very flat so I went w/ spiky shorter hair. Our poor curling irons–I pity my hubby if he ever finds those 70’s and 80’s pictures of me. Thank goodness we have moved and things are still in boxes.

SB: Hey now, I was only in heavy hairspray mode for about 3.5 years! Thank goodness I wasn’t a little older, that hole’d be HUGE.

23 02 2009

oh dear god. do you mean that i wasn’t a style maven with the front part of my shirt tucked and the back untucked? what about my slouchy socks? damn. i thought i was such a trendsetter.

SB: Oh, we were trendsetters alright… “Kids, don’t dress like this. no, really. Don’t.”

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