change of heart

20 02 2009

The 3.5 of you who read my rambling (I’m counting CWG as 1.5 due to two comments) last night, may have noticed that said ramble is gone.
It done rambled on.

So, the cliff notes version/twist (lemon, please)…
after weeks of sleepless nights, I call my doc and explain the ‘sitch only to be told that they’ve “never heard” of that side effect before.
If there is a .0001% chance of a side effect, I will get it.
My doc calls back, they’ll switch my med when I run out, but they want to switch to to the medication that GAVE ME MIGRAINES. I say no and decide to go on webmd and see if anyone else had dreams about flunking out of photography class.
But a lot of people were having mood swings and moodiness and spousal-spine-removal.
Now, I think we all know I’m not a doctor.  Now, knowing what I don’t know, if I was a doctor and I had a patient who, say, had a bit of The Crazy, I would probably NOT prescribe a medication where one of the main side effects was more of The Crazy.  Just saying.
So anyway, I’m looking at people saying they’re basketcases and I’m thinking, “How lucky that I haven’t had anything like that!!!”
Meanwhile, I’ve been itching the back of my head (perhaps remains of that silly tick-infestation-dream) and Steve says, in an off-handed way “Maybe it’s a mole.”*
Finagling the mirrors (Steve was bowling) I see a dark spot.
Cue hyperventalating.  Cue tearful phone call to Mom (who is still like 2,000 miles away). Cue general calamity.

However, I took two night-time pain relievers before I called Mom and perhaps I just needed a good cry to get to a good sleep.

In short, I’ll have Also-Not-A-Doctor-But-He-Thinks-He-Is Steve take a peek.

* In reference to The Great Mole Freak-Out of 2004.  Thought I had an ingrown scalp hair, so I went to the doc, where they ran away, screaming at the sight thereof and a month later I’m at a cancer-specific-dermatologist having a serrated tube dug into my scalp.  BTW, the near-passing-out-cookies were Chips Ahoy!



4 responses

20 02 2009

My hubby is a DR. And he wouldn’t make you go back to migraines (has them himself) nor would he let you head further to crazy–There are always more options..sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right..
Been there myself..
Have Steve look–if it looks familiar-get referral to Derma. again.. makes life easier–
thanks for the Chips Ahoy–haven’t thought of those for ages–Cheetos and I have a special relationship right now..May have to cheat on my Cheetos–Chips sounds great
PS. no such thing as never heard of side effect–everyone is different. Great and even Good Dr.’s always listen to their patients–(patients are always right until physically proven otherwise)

SB: Ugh, Yeah, I’m seriously considering a new doc… they always seem to laugh at me 😦

20 02 2009

So, are you telling me that all my efforts were for naught??? Hmph. I’m going on comment-strike now.

SB: I kept your comments! I just made it a private post. Please come back. I’ll sing if you don’t.

20 02 2009

Maybe you should go to the Dr., anyway, seeing as though Steve is not, in fact, a dr.? Moles are scary. So are lumps and bumps.

I’m going to say this freak out was justified.

SB: He knew what The Mole looked like, so it’s possible that my scarf/turtleneck wear has pushed my hairs into unnatural positions. I’ll cry in my beer later.

20 02 2009

Give me a drill bit and some peroxide and I will have everything taken care of…

Look, this Steve guy in your house sounds a lot like a medical professional to me…and his name has a nice ring to it…

SB: What is it with Steve’s and their egos?!? And that drill bit idea, don’t sound so bad right now… beside, I have the lab for tests… Bailey doesn’t charge that much. HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR!

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