19 02 2009

I’ve never really been a good sleeper.
The Mister is very Ying to my Yang; the man can sleep through a fall out.
I was on a medication that was doing it’s job, but giving me horrific migraines.
So my doc switched up the med and now I have crazy dreams.

“They” say you can’t read or see in color in your dreams and I have to argue with that.
Even before the switch, I could read and see color (though a bit washed out, it’s still color).

Normally, I only had crazy dreams right around that time but now, it’s all the time.
Some shining examples of recent events:
* Being thrown into my former English teacher’s swimming pool, thus ruining my fabulous red satin shoes
* Owning an opossum as a pet and having said ‘possum give me ticks.  Bonus: I could feel them squirming in my hair.
* My friend keeping cats as pets in large aquariums.  Bonus: This friend doesn’t really care for pets.
* Having to push an oversized, deflated, purple, zodiac inscripted, sand filled beach ball across the second floor of a house
* Working overseas at a fast food place for three years at a time
* Graduating from Art School (I can’t even draw stick people)
* Drinking caramel-mint liquor
* Raining fish
* And this morning (between two and four) I had some kind of legitimate nightmare, thus keeping me up for quite a while while Steve and Bailey snored.

Right, so, as an added added bonus, I am up every two hours.  Typically 10, 12, 2, 4, and 6-ish when my alarm goes off.
I have taken OTC aids, gone to the gym and feverishly worked out, not gone to the gym, drank, gone to the gym and ‘just’ worked out (read: no real effort), napped, not napped, ate before bed, not eaten before bed, milk before bed, no food after dinner, re-balancing my diet, un-balancing my diet, cuddling with the bean…

Now it’s 10:45am, I feel like I could fall over and I can’t stop yawning.

Okay, tell me, what kind of weird dreams do you have?




4 responses

19 02 2009

As a kid I used to dream of Plane crashes–they always happened within 2-3 days of my dream. It was horrible. I would wake up screaming for my dad to save them..especially the one when the only survivor was a baby girl who was tucked under her mom.(was a real crash in the late 70’s) That was the worst. The last one I had years ago was when I called my then MIL and told her to take the next plane…she was on standby anyways and did have to wait. That plane hit an airpocket over Georgia that had no air–total phenamenon but it came down w/ minor injuries. Non since then until last week when the plane went down…I just knew about the tail part in my dream but couldn’t quite figure out the rest—–My hubby was shocked when I cried after seeing it on TV.. I never can place where or when just bits and pieces—after almost 10yrs of none of those dreams, I am not happy to be having them again.
Otherwise just the usual dreams–snakes and sharks–horrified of both. wake up w/ crawly skin

SB: How odd, I too have dreams of planes falling from the sky… I called my doc because this med is the only thing that changed..

19 02 2009

They are for sure in color! I dreamed about crabs or crab like creatures loose in the house and I couldn’t get rid of them…must have been from watching the crawdads wriggling around on Top Chef.
I also dreamed about barnacles growing all over a black house on stilts…must be time to go to the ocean!!!

SB: Mmmmm, crawdads… Take Flat-Stephanie to the beach, would ya?

19 02 2009

Mine mostly seem to rotate between me defending my house from attacks and household appliances blowing up in my face…those are the reoccurring themes. The popcorn popper is the one that gets me more often then not. Having a bowl before I get to bed help keep that one from coming up…my wife says that i repeatedly sit up in my bed at night and look at the clock…three to four times every night.

SB: Oy vey! So I get to look forward to defense dreams?!

19 02 2009

i do the ‘wake up every few hours’ thing myself. it’s a tad annoying, actually. i’m a bit under the weather and have been having some trippy dreams.

the dream i have most frequently is that i have to call 9-1-1 for help but i keep messing up when i dial…and then it takes five minutes for my phone to hang up and get a dial tone again. fun, right?

SB: Ugh. I feel your pain. Let us snuggle up on the sofa and eat chocolate until we fall asleep. wash, rinse, repeat.

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