Hammer Pants and Jersey Hair

18 02 2009

Mid-80's to Mid-90's fashion and hairstyles.

I can hardly bear to look at photos from that era.

Between the 5th Grade Mullet, neon bike shorts, rolled pants, big bangs, slouch socks and those $10 silk shirts from G&G, I was pretty much a train wreck.




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18 02 2009

I have pretty much had the same haristyle for 30 years…it was a little longer (not my choice) in the 70’s and very early 80’s, but the day I received my first paycheck, it was one of the things I took complete control of in my life.

Never had hammer plans

18 02 2009

The past is always fun to look back at. The future is an open book! Have fun writing it! Nice blog!

18 02 2009

I can’t see this picture… but we were all there with you. It wasn’t like we were fashion icons, and you were the only one rockin’ the G+G and Jersey hair…

You should’ve seen what happened to me when I went from “the City” to OP with my turquoise jeans, black bodysuit, jersey bangs, and a choker!! GASP!

SB: I must have really recessed bodysuits… what were we thinking??! (as for the photo, I think it’s just the one that says this was a Plinky Prompt)

18 02 2009

i thought there were pictures at this party. bummer. please post humiliating pictures asap. i need a laugh.

SB: Oh, I have the pile, it’s just a matter of scanning them… Did you not see last June’s post from my birthday with the big hair and bike pants?

19 02 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Stop — Hammer time!!! DOOOO-doo-doo-doo ….

SB: snicker. Crab in my pants!

19 02 2009

Oh Yeah…pictures are an absolute must!!!

19 02 2009

You know I had to go look…as I’ve told CWG I have seen bigger hair LOL!!! I guess you can’t do the pink hair in a business office…I wanted a blue streak, very recently…I was having a moment…

SB: I miss dying… even if it was temporary. I’ll see what kind of non-being-silly-big-hair I can scare up. Literally.

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