Politically Incorrect

18 02 2009

There’s this guy in the office (the one I argued with regarding the size of binder clips) who is a STAUNCH Republican.
I’m an easy going kind of girl.  I voted for Nader, but that’s another topic for another time.
I understand that government is going to do what it wants, when it wants, and I just fool myself into thinking that my opinion makes a difference.
That being said, S.R. (Staunch Republican, if you’re not paying attention) has been gloom-and-doom since the debates.
And now that a democrat is in office, oh, the belly-aching…
S.R. will print off tidbits from right-wing websites, quote Rush Limbaugh, discuss political strife of which he has not fully researched*… No one else in the office is particularly vocal about their party affiliation.

So, do I have to spend the next 4+ years listening to him complaining?
S.R. left a print out showing a tiny twenty dollar bill with the caption “Your money’s value after the stimulus” in the kitchen.
I was half tempted to write on it “20 bucks?!  Hot Damn! I’m going to the bar!” but I realized that only one person in the office has swirly handwriting.

bottoms up!

bottoms up!

*Thanks to my upbringing, I find it totally difficult to argue/discuss with people who have not done research into the topic; for or against.




3 responses

18 02 2009

There is no point in political debates in the office. They get nowhere and people get mad. Both sides have good and bad points. If there was ever a need for a real third party…it is now.

You are probably going to be spending the next four years listening to him…there are those people on both sides. I guess he had to listen to it for a few years and it is his turn to dish it out now. An endless cycle.

SB: We all just nod and smile when he starts yapping. My theory is that enough ignoring will yield a lack of conversation.

18 02 2009

we also have an s.r. at our office. he’s miserable!
and he always finds away to start complaining, making snide comments or going off on some hostile diatribe!

our s.r. made buttons that say”STIMULUS my PACKAGE”.

both the lefties and the righties are getting sick of his mouth.

SB: Welcome to the fray goodbear! Goodness, hope your S.R. doesn’t wear his or her button to the office!

1 03 2009
Aid Renegade

You could start a conversation about unwinnable wars with him. Bush was good at that.

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