How do you Spell Romance?

16 02 2009

Okay, first and foremost, we totally decided that we weren’t doing anything for Valentines.
However, that did not stop me from going to Choco-Logo Friday afternoon and picking up some Raspberry Habanaro hearts, dark chocolate wasabi truffles and a ginger saffron bar that did not make it home.

Friday night we went to the Sabres vs. Sharks game.
Well, before that, we met some family/friends at Pearl Street.  Well, before that, I arrived at the establishment and pwned a table for six.  Expecting my entourage to arrive shortly, I ordered a pint and read another handfull of pages in a riviting book.
45 minutes later, my crew arrives.
Two pints later, we’re at the game.
Sabres win in an overtime shoot-out.
Now, if yours truly wouldn’t have had her head up her butt, she would have packed [to bring to work] her memory stick because she met THE NICEST PLAYER IN THE NHL: RYAN MILLER.
Oh, and Tim Connley, Chris Butler and Nathan Gerbe.

Not only do I have a thing for hockey players (have you seen their arms?!?!) but the Sabres players have to dress up before and after the game, which means it’s Hockey Players in Suits.
Oh, wait, I just need a minute to re-visualize, oh, okay, yeah. that’s better.

Saturday morning rolls around and due to another round of nightmares, I’m up at 615.  AM.  On a weekend.
Steve decides to try and face the world around noon.
He fails.
I ofter penance of  a Big Mac, fries and a Coke to no avail.
He goes back to his coma-like state and I read a book.
Around 4:30, he rejoins the living and we replace the mirror on YOT.
Then, for the most romantic of dinners, we drive a few towns over to Taco Bell*.
Around 9, I was ready to go to sleep, you know, having been up since 6.

Sunday he had a bowling tournament, I went grocery shopping and made chili (veggie for me, beef with hardly any beans for him).
He came home, fell asleep on the sofa and by 10pm, we were both snoring.

So, do tell, how much more/less fun was your weekend?

* In his defense though, he  did offer up Red Lobster (“yeah! Lobster!”, “BOOO! Chain!”).  We decided against as the lot was more than full and we were’nt really feeling  bide-your-time-at-the-bar.




4 responses

16 02 2009

but hockey players have NO teeth. i have a problem with that.

as for my weekend…it was sublime. i’m working on a post chock full o’ pictures for tomorrow’s blog. :c)

SB: okay okay, I renig my original sentiment. Hockey Players in Suits and Fake Teeth.

16 02 2009

They have better dental plans for NHL players now…the let them get bridges like normal people. They just take them out before the game.

Nothing spells Valentine’s Day like M-O-N-S-T-E-R-T-R-U-C-K-S!!!!!!

SB: I saw your truckmadness photos… at least someone had a good time

16 02 2009

Hocky players in Suits…hmmmmmmmm…pictures would be nice LOL

Tried to go out to dinner Friday, sick, sick, sick came home and crawled into bed and remained so most of Saturday.
We cooked our own crab legs and shrimp…lovely meal at home. Sunday slept in…late lunch at Miyo’s (fabulous asian cuisine) and my loser brother called me all day Sunday from San Diego wanting money.

You definitely had the better weekend!

SB: Oh, but you had crab and shrimp and Asain. I made mac and cheese.

17 02 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

None of the photos Steve took came out!
(okay, well, two kinda did and one of them is my butt and the other it looks like I’m pooping)

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