Let Me Peer into my Crystal Ball

16 02 2009

me: Good Afternoon, Engineering Firm.
Little Old Lady: Yes, can you hold on for a minute?
me, thinking ‘Lady, you called me…’: Sure.
LOL: Um, someone from Engineering Firm just called here.
me: Okay.
LOL: Do you know who that could have been?
me: Not really no…
LOL: Can you hold on for a moment?
me: Sure.
LOL to Little Old Man: Harry, pick up the phone in there.  It’s Engineering Firm but this receptionist doesn’t know who called you.
LOM: Hello?
me: Hi.  This is Stephanie with Engineering Firm.
LOM: Yes?
(extended awkward silence)
me: Do you know who would have called you?
LOM: Um, how about Jones [referring to a last name]?  Is Jones there?
me: Who shall I say is calling?
LOM, exasperated: Harry.
me: One moment while I see if he is available.

*whoo* *paaa* *wheewww* *pppaaa*

*whoo* *paaa* *wheewww* *pppaaa*

Okay, so seriously, I am supposed to know every call that goes in and out of this place?

One moment while I connect your call...

One moment while I connect your call...

Oh, I guess I should also be wearing a pencil skirt (which, in honesty, I wouldn’t frown upon), pin curls and a bra that would contort my breasts into missiles.




2 responses

16 02 2009

I am thinking why you would attempt to return a call if you didn’t know who you were going to be asking for…


SB: I know, right? And the fact that she made it seem like I was a concussion victim for not knowing who called her.

25 06 2010
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