Three Things (for Sunday)

15 02 2009

1) Why does it seem like I always run out of things at the same time?
All my candles are pretty much caput, despite random purchases and lightings.
Almost all of my 12 bottles of shampoo and conditioner are empty; girl’s got to have variety…
The three sticks of deodorant are almost out…
No less then three light bulbs have burnt out…
All of my gym clothes are dirty, even though I have many combinations…
Does anyone else find it weird that items you purchase at separate times and use at odd intervals all reach their end of life at the same time?

2) I know the clothing world runs early, but why must they taunt me with capris and tanks when it’s 34 out and will remain so for the next 2+ months?
Looking at brightly colored tops and seeing that sweaters are 75% off only compounds the pain.

3) FattyFat Fat Fat (aka: Buffy) has suddenly had a change of heart and is totally spending time in the living room.
Half of me wonders if she’s lonely (finally) or if she’s sick.



One response

15 02 2009

You should have a glass of wine and take a nap…

Sb: wine= headache. But perhaps it would stop the nightmares…

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