My (recieved) advice x2

11 02 2009

Bouquet by William Hoiles (Mannequin-)

Try to be nice to everyone. You never really know who-knows-whom and you may need that person's help someday. Or they may need yours.


"Try to compliment her on her shoes. Everyone likes talking about shoes."- Grandma



5 responses

11 02 2009

Being nice to everyone takes a great deal of strength but it’s nice to be nice. Hope you are ok. The flowers are so pretty.

11 02 2009

Sounds like the original version of, “be careful of whose toes you step on today, because they may be connected to the feet that are connected to the legs that are connected to the ass you may need to kiss tomorrow”.

11 02 2009

ohhhhhhh…i thought you GOT those flowers from the hubster! you’re so tricky. boo!

SB: I’m tricky! tricky! tricky! tricky! tricky! This beat to rock around to rock around around, it’s tricky!

11 02 2009

Do we have to smile when being nice to people too?

SB: Certainly not.

12 02 2009

it’s trick-kay! back in 1985, i thought i was the only preteen white girl who loved run dmc. guess not.

SB: I keep telling you, the interwebs brought us together for a reason.

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