The Truth Hurts

10 02 2009

“What’s that?”
“Edible arrangement.”*
“Who got you that?”
“Mom and Dad”
“Duh, because I’m awesome.”
“I didn’t get one.”
“That’s because I’m clearly more awesome. Though I was more awesome when they sent it, slightly less awesome after this morning…”
“Why did you get less awesome?”
“Um, let’s see, maybe BECAUSE I HIT A F&^#%ing [item that clearly should not have been hit due to sheer size and location]??!?”
“Aren’t [that thing that you’ shouldn’t have hit] big?”
“You may not have any of my arranged fruit.”

Please note:
I am the same person who ran my car into a house. A house. With my car.
I am not up to admitting exactly what it was that YOT collided with, but I will say that I am okay and YOT is okay.

* (Edible Arrangement)




11 responses

10 02 2009

At least you don’t live in a barn. That would have set you up for some truly snide comments back when. Trying to figure out what’s more egregious.

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SB: Thing is, if I aimed for the broad side, I would most likely miss and end up in a ditch. Because that’s how I roll.

10 02 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

I’m sure the house had it coming …

SB: sure did, being all in the way and whatnot.

10 02 2009

I want an edible arrangement! So cute!

SB: So tasty!

10 02 2009

Looks yummy and healthy! Sometimes inanimate things should just get out of the way!

Chased my car down the driveway because someone left it out of gear with no parking brake…it missed my neighbor’s house by mere inches…the bushes, however were not so lucky! It was the subject of my very 1st blog post.

SB: That bush should have gotten out of the way.

10 02 2009

That’s what we get as a society for letting women drive. Next thing you know, we’ll be letting them vote too.

SB: You best watch your back. Starburst or not, you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’. ORRRR Did Steve phantompost? Sometimes you engineers aren’t that far off.

10 02 2009

That house should have not been moving around like that…

That does look YUMMY! And not too bad for you either!!!!!

SB: mmmm, fresh fruit. Apples dipped in chocolate and caramel…. drool

10 02 2009

The Big “3” auto makers called–they said to let you know that “objects in mirrors are closer than they appear” I’m hoping this was a backing up issue and not forward facing–If it was forward–sorry I got nothing for you..
I have been thinking about “accidently” taking out a support portion of our freestanding garage–I have decide I need a new one but hubby says not while this one is still standing and in good shape
May I have the pineapple star–It looks very delicious

10 02 2009

a HOUSE? oh, this should be good. do tell.

SB: You were MIA when I wrote about my temper in parking lots… it’s at the bottom of this post.

10 02 2009

I ran my truck into a retaining wall… That Anthony built. Twice! You are not alone.

SB: Oh my. I’m sure he was tickled about THAT.

10 02 2009
Mr. Bill

Oh yes… running into houses is in your genes. I ran your Grandparents newer ’65 Chevy into the corner of the house. Doing only slight structural damage. This was using the key found in a pile of about 60 random keys hidden away in a glass jar. It took a while to find one that would semi-work. As I was “driving the driveway” a freak rain storm hit hindering my view slightly and causing me to swerve (in reverse). Their return from a RARE trip away was not pleasant. Now I am a very good driver…

SB: Oh boy. Aren’t you glad I waited until I moved out before I started running into houses?!

11 02 2009
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

I know what you hit, I know! I’m tellin everyone!!!!!

SB: not if you know what’s good for you.

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