Ying and Yang, Pro and Con

9 02 2009

In other news,
I get home Friday night; I met Steve and his Dad out for dinner (they went to the Sabres game) then I went to Joann Fabrics and Old Navy.
I turn on the kitchen light, it flickers, dims, flickers, goes out.
It goes out along with the rest of the lights, the TV, fish tank, fridge and all the clocks.
“F-ing A man!”
After about 10 minutes of stumbling around in the dark looking for our one lighter (we don’t smoke and lighters are pretty much just used for candles) so I could stumble around looking for the flashlight, I stumbled upstairs to find the electric outage number.
Flashlight under my chin, one hand in the the filing cabinet and one hand holding my phone, I find the number.  I put the bill back in the cabinet.
“Please enter your eleven digit account number.”
“DAMNIT.” Back in the cabinet.  be-doop-boop-de-do-deep-beep-be-be-doop-do.
“One moment. There *is* an outage in your area!”
“No shit.” *
“This outage is effecting approximately One thousand…”
“At least it’s not just me..”
“One hundred…”
“Five hundred”
“Five customers.  Service is expected to be restored by. eleven. pm. tonight.”
“Well shit.”  So I did what anyone else without electric or enough candle/flashlight power to read.  I put on my jammies and went to bed.


Roswell Park (the area’s cancer center) has a Valentines Day fundraiser going on.  I got my parents’ schedule and order the items last Sunday (that’d be the 1st).
Pro: Good cause!
Con: items supposedly shipped on Friday, but the tracking number isn’t any good.

Assisting with my friends baby shower, I place an order on Amazon for some cutlery.
Pro: $8 with shipping for 228 pieces?!?  Yes!
Con: Open box.  There is a package of 24 pieces.  Vendor gets an email.
Follow-up: “Hi Stephanie, If you find a deal where you get 228 of that color for $2.29 let us know so we can buy from them too.  Amazon mismarked the package count so its under review to fix You’ve been refunded.”

Veering from the normal toys for Bailey (garage sale stuffed animals), I get her a $14.00 toy from PetSmart.
Pro: “Made from ‘chew guard’ technology!”, “Made to withstand the toughest chewers.”
Con: Stuffing all over my front room.

Okay reader(s), cheer me up, tell your pro/con tale.

* I understand the oddness of talking to an automated attendant.




2 responses

9 02 2009

My parents are in Hamburg, too – and they ALWAYS ALWAYS lose power. I wonder if you are on the same grid as them. It is crazy.

Pro: My in laws subsidized our gambling in AC this weekend.
Con: We lost it all. Should have bought shoes.

Pro: I think we are re-doing our bathroom this week/next week.
Con: I think the bathroom remodel will prevent me from taking my birthday vacation, as we only really should do one or the other.

Pro: I found a nice dress for the christening next week, and it was on sale for $90, down from $190, and I used a gift card, so free to me.
Con: Why are all the dresses this season straight and satin? Who looks good in these dresses? I am not straight. Are other women straight? While I eventually found a dress that looks acceptable, I had to try on more than ten dresses, in various sizes, only to feel like a cow. Boy do I miss my 21 year old body. Why didn’t I appreciate it?

SB: do you HAVE to redo your bathroom? I vote Vaca… not that it matter what I think.. Oh, and as soon as I find the metabolisms we had back in the day, you’re more then welcome to the secret.

9 02 2009

I thought you needed an electrician…I was loading up the van!

SB: Can you just direct-wire us to the hamster that is running the grid?

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