Memories, Light the Corners of my Mind: Valentines

6 02 2009

Damn you CWG.
Your post about VD, er Valentines Day, got me all Time Machine-like.  So while I should be working on cataloging paperwork…

Before I went to The Smart Kids School, I was part of the regular school crowd.  Duh.  Anyway.
I totally remember stressing out about VALENTINE’S DAY.  This tradition ceased when I entered TSKS, as I can’t recall exchanging Valentines past 5th grade (Daffy, that’s um, level, well, I was 10 in 5th grade).


James Brown and I had been in the same school from about 5 years old.
We were bussed into the K-2nd grade school because there wasn’t one nearby.
The school for 3rd-8th graders was closer and we used to walk to school.  Both ways.  Uphill.  With WonderBread bags in our moonboots.*  It’s not that we were poor, it’s just what you did.
I lived two blocks from the main intersection and James lived on one of the main streets.  Invetibly, we’d end up walking to school together; before that, we’d be bussed together do to our geographic area.
James’ parents were M.I.A. so his grandparents were raising him.  He always (and I’m talking right up though high school) wore black dress pants and white t-shirts.   I guess being raised by people who were six times your age would tend to skew your view of the world a bit.
So much so that he thought we were dating.
And he had this obsession with Garfield; which I totally forgot until I started looking for photos of old valentines.
So, he always thought it was his duty to walk me to and from school, come over to see if I wanted to play, etc. etc. and I pretty much wanted him to leave me alone because he was a dork and I was “super cool” with my big hair and clip-on coin earrings.
Without fail, from the time we started exchanging valentines, until I transfer to TSKS, I would get James’ BEST valentine.
I do believe he also used to give me candy on V.D.  You know how it was back then, spending your entire allowance on one person…  And we weren’t even in the same class.
Mom would MAKE ME give him a valentine, though I never wanted to**.
Well, after The Transfer, he couldnt walk me to school because I got bussed.
He’d still come over every once in a while to see if I wanted to hang out (“Uh, as if!”).
Once high school came, he was one of the first people to get a car and he would come over and ask me to go out on dates with him (“I’m, um, busy, or something…”).
Eventually he gave up.  And by “eventually” I mean I think we were 17…18?
We ended up working together at the local grocery store towards the end of high school and I remember him meeting someone he was over the moon about.
Half of me was a bit curious if he was a catch under the uniform.  Half of me was relieved.
But then he started talking to me about his sex life, and well, the kid used to eat paste.


My first year at TSKS, Andrew Wolfe used to come into our classrom because he was so damn smart, he had to come to our room for 7th grade math***.
Once again, I became Princess of Dorks.
Andrew was so sweet on me, he’d give me his best Valentine, notes, cards, candy, much to my embarrasment.  Total Embarrasment.
After the better part of a school year of rejection, Andrew finally got the picture and stopped bothering me.
When I moved up to 7th grade, his 6th grade class was on the same floor as the library.  When he’d see me, he’d scoul or look at the floor.
Sometimes I still wonder what happened to him.

Soon, we will discuss who got MY best valentine.


* My dad used to try and re-waterproof my boots with stinky-ass mink oil.  All it did was help me identify my locker by scent.  And WonderBread bags (no other brand) had some imaginary power to keep your feet dryer when your boots did leak.  LIE.
** Later I found out that I was one of the few who would give him valentines.
*** Andrew would have been in 5th grade.  Math and English were taught at your grade level and one grade above.




2 responses

6 02 2009

Too funny. I started at TSKS in First Grade. I remember, in third or fourth grade, getting all freaked out because I was given flowers and a heart ring from an “undesirable.” I was upset and embarrassed, and somehow, my mom ended up on the phone with HIS mom. And he’s like crying in the background about how he would get “new shoes” and a “haircut” if that would make him “my type.”

I so do not miss third grade.

SB: (for the record, Stacy and I met in 7th grade at TSKS) what was it with those boys at TSKS that made them extra-flourishy?

6 02 2009

james brown? what an unfortunate name…

as for the STINK oil and wonderbread bags…i can only wonder about you and your family. these bits of information give me cause for concern. no wonder your parents moved to the desert.

SB: and James Brown was the whitest white kid ever. And the Stink oil, dude, that was all my dad’s doing… you’re the one who loved the smell of fresh mimeographs….

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