25 Things. Duplicate post for my FB friends *holla*

5 02 2009

Oh, seems like ev-ry-one is doing the 25 things, so what the hell.
I’ll try to come up with new things. No promises.

1. I was mentally unable to wear sandals until my 20’s. Now I can’t keep shoes/socks on.

2. I have a soft spot for music from the 40’s.

3. While drunk in North Carolina, I sang “Ring of Fire” at karaoke while Steve was in the bathroom.

4. I have a fear of drowning, burning to death and suffocation. I guess most people do.

5. I have faked my way through more things then I care to admit.

6. While claiming to be the Grammar Gestapo towards others, I often find my own grammar lacking.

7. In elementary school (before being moved to The Smart Kids School), I wasn’t being challenged so whenever we had to do a project, I’d always take the topic that was proclaimed to be the hardest. Subsequently, I know too much about the moon, Kenya and igloos. (remember, this was back in the day when we had to go the library and use encyclopedias). I still enjoy making dioramas.

8. Sometimes when Steve does things that annoy me (like correcting the flame for boiling water), I find it arousing.

9. I am excited and freaked-the-hell-out by the prospect of motherhood.

10. I had “Jersey Hair” from age 9 to 14-1/2.

11. When there is something I want, I put my mind to it and usually achieve it.

12. If a topic interests me, I will often research it to a point of nausea. This includes regurgitating said information to other people, to a point of nausea. Ask me about Hedgehogs or Alpacas.

13. When we first got Bailey, I didn’t like her. Now I can’t imagine my life without her. (Bailey is our dog, BTW).

14. I am afraid to talk to or see my Grandpa because I don’t want my last memory of him to be like he is… I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to remember him as he was.

15. I am a believer in the deeper meaning of dreams.

16. I used to practice Wicca but for some reason I’m not comfortable doing it in our house.

17. The one time I got my cards read, it was so accurate that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

18. The only way for me to have a true sense of satisfaction about accomplishing something is to have it on a list, of which it can be crossed off of when complete and the list can be thrown away when totally complete.

19. I got my tattoo the day after my friend Steve died.

20. I worked in a record store for over a year, being paid in CDs and take-out.

21. Bananas make me vomit. Not just the fruit, but the smell.

22. Blond is my natural color, though back in the day, I used to dye it orange, yellow, purple, dark red, red and with henna. My hair would grow out with light roots.

23. I miss my long hair.

24. I am a bit afraid to stand up to my M-I-L when it comes to the time that we have kids and she does something I don’t approve of. But that’s a ways away, so I guess it’s not really worth worrying over.

25. Tomatoes are gross. Unless they’re in sauce, ketchup, salsa, hot sauce or sundried in bread.




6 responses

5 02 2009

Wow!!! I keep getting tagged for this too! I was tagged for a couple of others and just combined it into one on my blog. #3 had me gasping with laughter! The Wicca comment interests me…
children are great when you are ready, it is a lifelong commitment – even when they are grown! I love it!
BTW – enjoyed reading about you…I am the grammar, punctuation police’s worst nightmare and I know better 🙂

SB: thing is, with #3, I CAN NOT SING. At all. And the Wicca comment interests you? please say it’s not because of the constant negative connotation….

5 02 2009

You have to go see your Grandpa or at least talk to him. If you don’t it will be too late and you will regret it just like I always will. Yes, I too wanted to remember him as he always was but now I feel shame for not hearing his voice one last time or telling him I loved him. He was 91 when he passed and I wish I had gone to the hospital when I had the chance.
Motherhood is every emotion you have ever felt all rolled into one. Sometimes they all hit you in the same day, one second you love them with all your heart and the next you think “what the heck is the problem here”. But every night you go check on them(while they sleep), no matter what age and love them more. It all comes in good time.
Wicca- really?? interesting–don’t know much about it other than what I learned from Scooby Doo movies. Perhaps it’s time for an Internet search for some accurate info.
The banana thing will haunt you when you’re pregnant and crave them. ( hopefully that won’t happen)

SB: I still keep in touch with Grandpa, it’s hard, but I do it. I would love to be able to stomach bananas, we shall see… do you know how much easier it would be to order smoothies?!

5 02 2009

No, I have met people that give it a very bad name. I am not totally sure they were Wiccans, I think they just used the name. I just have a curiosity about it…how does someone choose it as a religion etc., how does it apply to practical life…in your case what is it that bothers you about practicing now…you know all the personal stuff that is none of my business!

SB: if they gave Wicca a bad name, they probably weren’t Wiccan. I’ll email you list of answers I am not annoyed at answering… I ask Christians the same things 🙂

5 02 2009

So you must be pretty clued-up about Kenyan Igloos on the Moon, huh? I have a conspiracy theory I need to discuss with you.

SB: eggbeater gelatin? meeee tooo!

6 02 2009

i read about the ’25 things’ list sweeping the facebook nation in an online article. the author quoted absurd figures (how many people have done this multiplied by 25 facts, equals TOO much random info).

i take personal offense to #10. there is no such thing as JERSEY hair. it was all staten island’s fault.

SB: I’ve been to Seacacus. Recently. It’s like stepping in a time machine to 1994.

6 02 2009

Start putting your foot down ot MIL about very small things now, that way it will be easier for you leater…kind of like setting a foundation.

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