Complex in 3…2…1…

4 02 2009

I’m in a literal mecca of food but I have no cash in hand.
why did I spend that dollar at Horton’s yesterday?
I should just go get money out.
But then I’ll spend it.
And we don’t know what goes on with The Mister’s job (so far, so good), so I should totally watch what I spend.
But then I can get a “hello!” card for Grandma & Grandpa.
I can just save the money and use one of the 1,000 cards I have at home and use one of the 20 stamps I have at home.
Besides, what would I get to eat seeing as I decided that today is restart day?
So far so good, oatmeal, pills.
I did bring a bag of already popped popcorn.  It fits into the “pick it, pluck it, kill it”*
And if I went to the drug store, I would end up getting something canned/frozen.
It wasn’t Friday night last night when I went to bed, so I have no reason of why I didn’t put out my clothes or pack my breakfast or my lunch.
Besides, I just dropped $70 at Weggies for lunches/dinners without the foresight to pick up something for myself.
I do have that apple though.
And I am going to the gym tonight.  I must go to the gym tonight.
So beside this tasty popcorn, WHAT am I going to do for lunch?!?!?
And how far behind am I in assisting with my friends baby shower?  totally.
but I’m thinking if I cancel XM and netflicks, I can use that money to get a trainer.
mmmm, popcorn.
let’s not even mention that I found a bunch of hedgies in my area.  Where to get $150?!?!

* at the recommendation of my doc, I should try to get as many un-processed/natural foods as possible.  “if you can walk out into your yard and figuratively pick it from a tree, pluck it from the ground or kill it, you can eat it.”




3 responses

4 02 2009

Chickens grow in a yard…just take the deep fryer out there too!

You are welcome…

SB: Oh, chicken wings totally fit! Frying is totally natural! We WNYers don’t bread our wings pre-frying because that’s just not right.

5 02 2009

wow…i’m impressed. you shopped at weggies and spent less than $200? how did you manage that?! i get sucked into buying things we don’t need, and sometimes things we don’t LIKE just because wegman’s packages things so nicely!

SB: $70 was on Chicken Wing Dip Components, Slurm, plug-in refills and lunch meat.

5 02 2009

Drugstores i.e Walgreen’s are my worst nightmare! I go in for Burt Bee’s stuff and come out with God Knows What…especially junk food. I have no self control.

SB: “50% off Useless Junk!” SIGN ME UP!

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