(One Way) How to Annoy Me: Follow-up

4 02 2009

Have you ever been nice to someone only to have it blow up in your face?
Twice, recently…

The latest:
Trying to get my toes into marketing, I make nice with the gentleman who is not-officially-marketing (heck, he’s not even really hired).
Offering my services, I let him know what I do and to contact me if he needs assistance.
*eye roll*

“Stephanie, could you please order calling cards for me?”*
“Stephanie, any status on my calling cards?”
“Stephanie, please overnight my cards as I need them tomorrow.”
“Stephanie, my calling cards don’t have my email address on them.  Can I get new cards with an email address?”
“Stephanie, any status on the calling cards?”
Emails following up on meaningless events: “It was nice to see everyone at lunch yesterday.”**

Phone Calls.  On lunch, when I have no voice and the other line is ringing and people are coming up to my desk.

And the last straw(s):
Monday, he emailed my boss and me with an attachment regarding area-specific information from the proposed stimulus package.
I had this information and distributed it on January 20th.
How do I know this?  Because right after the inauguration, I was at the government websites looking for details.  On January 20th, all three of my bosses had electronic copies, highlighted and marked-up.
Today, I get another e-mail asking me to “make sure” that the bosses got the information.
He also asked for two copies.***

I know you probably do not think I know what I am doing.   I work hard and accusing me of otherwise, well, your privileges have been revoked.

It wasn’t even the CURRENT version of the package.

*business cards come standard when you’re HIRED.  Hell, I even have business cards.
** Oh, you mean the $35/plate lunch where you totally misrepresented [“developers” vs. “consultants”, one being what we do] the three people YOU invited?  That lunch?
*** ” Go to G-D Kinko’s and put it on your expense report.” I tell my monitor.



One response

4 02 2009

Put down the stapler and walk away from the desk….

SB: So I can use the letter opener then?

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