Out Out Darn Spot!

3 02 2009

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a bit of an, um, blemish problem.
Now, I’m not talking about anything that would warrant any “crater face!” remarks; you’ve seen photos.
I have little, not to be gross, black spots all over my nose/chin/sides of my nose.
Given my rational deep-seated distaste for the dermatologist, I have literally tried everything under the sun to de-spot. Peels, creams, tapes, strips, toners, expensive counter products, exfoliaters, little vibrating things, suction, stuff from the drugstore, washes, rinses, poking, prodding, diet, laisee-faire… no dice.
So last night, I do some research and the interwebs (which NEVER EVER lies) said to try a mixture of even parts baking soda to water.
Okay interwebs, let’s see what you got.
Mixture in hand, I proceeded to the bathroom where, as directed, I rubbed the Miracle Home Remedy into my skin.
Have I ever told you I have sensitive skin?  Yeah, I sure do.  Cotton balls are rough.  And, well, never having using baking soda for anything but baking or deodorizing my fridge (okay, and making volcanic eruptions), I never realized the ABRASIVENESS.
With gobs of paste eating away at my face, my eyes welled up and my skin burned as I “gently rubbed in a circular motion” the 40-grit concoction over my face.
Sniffling as I “gently, but throughtly” rised the clumps of goo from my pores, I was saddened to see just as many spots as there were pre-abrasion.
Not only are my spots still there, I am now considered “reflective” as my skin struggles to regain normality.

Okay Reader(s), help me out here.  What gets rid of these things?




3 responses

3 02 2009

sport, are they black heads?

if so, warm a pot of water on the stove but don’t let it boil or anything. remove and put on a trivet on the kitchen table. grab a bathroom towel and put your head over the pot–6-10 inches above it. drape/tent the towel over head, close eyes, breathe deeply, and relax for five minutes.

after, your pores should be open enough to GENTLY squeeze out any black gunk.

or you could just schedule a facial…which is what princesses like i do. ahahahah.

SB: hmmm, and this works for blackhead subdivisons?

3 02 2009

i never figured it out. finally grew out of it… sort of. i still get the occasional glaring headlight pop out at the most inopportune time and place. maybe a high power ruby laser?

SB: damnit. See, I figgered that by now, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you need me, I’ll be over here, crying and applying moisturizing to my peeling nose.

16 02 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

All that steaming did was make my skin even more pliable!
So even with using Q-Tips I took off the first few layers of skin so now I’m still spotty and sporting little scabby things from where my skin’s recovering….

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