My Weekend: By Stephanie

26 01 2009


I think my voice is best described as: A bus full of cats in heat rolling over a bagpipe.

Thing is, I feel/felt fine until Saturday morning when I couldn’t talk; much to Steve’s delight, I may add.
I physically feel okay, less the lump of snot in my chest and the squawking.



4 responses

26 01 2009

Ew…feel better SOON!!!

Love the description of your voice 🙂

SB: I refuse to play “danny boy” any more tonight.

26 01 2009

My weekend was a tad more interesting…that is all I can say!

26 01 2009

what? i can’t HEAR you!!!! ahahahahha…sucka! (that’s for calling me a DORK today.)



26 01 2009

i saw a bodyless voice go flying by here just a bit ago. heading south, to warmer climates. could it have been yours?

SB: I can only hope that you smacked it out of the air with a shovel and beat the shit out of it.

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