Chocolate Fix

22 01 2009

Some people (looking at you CWG) seem to think that I’ve gone completely joyless.
To prove you wrong, here are some happy things.

1) My changed lifestyle-contingency medication is “so far so good”.  Since Sunday, I have not had a headache so bad that I gave serious consideration to taking an ice pick to my temple; thus the reason for the change.

2) My friends and I went out to dinner at Melting Pot last night with $5 of each of our dinners going towards cancer research.  Plus, there were drinks.

3) Afterward, one of the girls and I went to Penny’s and I let her dress me up.  “I’m the Anthony Bourdain to your Stacy London!”, I exclaimed as we made our way toward the register.
My purchase?
Something I NEVER EVER EVER considered.

Not actully me, nor the actual vest

Not actually me, nor the actual vest (mine is grey with pin striping)

I purchased a vest.
“I feel like a project!”, I said.  “You ARE my project!”, she giggles.
And today, I have donned the vest.  Thought I don’t have a “real” photo as it’s hard to take photos of myself and I’m not going to any of my co-workers to ask them to take a photo because that sounds like a can of worms I don’t want to open.

4) With last weekend’s near-sub-zero temperatures, I thought I would give a science experiment a go.
In case you’re not familiar, when it gets to be booger-freezing cold out, bubbles are supposed to freeze.

Seeing as we do not have any “real” bubbles in the house, I decided to concoct some.
(For the record, “catnip bubbles” suck)
Also remembering that it’s been years since I’ve done any bubbling and that it was like, 2 degrees out, I opted to practice before heading out.
Bailey was amused.


Soap is tasty!




so close!




It is here somwhere...


look, I sparkle

(P.S. bubbles didn’t freeze but I did)

5) And this gem just came into my office.




15 responses

22 01 2009

Vests can be very flattering, but you have to make sure that the girls aren’t like, falling out of them. Sort of like blazers… I do not own one though, but maybe I should to “bind” in the belly.

Bubbles don’t freeze. Go figure.

I’m not even going to start on that little note…

I heart melting pot.

SB: girls? I do not think I will have that problem. Next Wednesday they’re doing the same thing (at least at ours)… it was $29 a person, $5 specialty drinks and raffles.

22 01 2009

You promised chocolate!

SB: hello, Bailey is chocolate.

22 01 2009


SB: Harumph!

22 01 2009

Charlotte should wrap her head with bubble wrap…evidently she has taken one too many blows to the head with dull heavy objects in her lifetime.

SB: I mean, where does that even start to make sense?

22 01 2009

i thought that sign was in a foreign language.

as for the bouncer crank-fest 2009, i didn’t mean to offend…i just wanted to bring some CHEER to your blog. 🙂

mission accomplished…i’m going back to bed.

22 01 2009

That note from Charlotte needs to make its way over to the passive-aggressive notes website.

And while I applaud the gesture of Melting Pot giving money to cancer research, it would still not be enough for me to go to that God-forsaken restaurant.

SB: Charlotte has been sent to “Grammar Vandal”. And ‘lissa was right, “this place is WASTED on men.”

23 01 2009

ps. why is your dog wearing a bib?

SB: ‘snot a bib, it’s a festive scarf of skiing polar bears.

23 01 2009

My mom’s Lab loves to chase bubbles.

She also ate a bar of soap once.
bar of soap = laxative

And the sign? Seriously? What. The. Hell.

SB: Good think I keep the bar soap up high. Then again, this is the same dog who picked up a frog after getting urinated in [her mouth]. And everyone seems to get a kick out of Charlotte’s note. Glad to brighten you day 🙂

23 01 2009

And to think CWG thought you were joyless…

I read that freakin sign over and over…I was like I don’t get it???? Whew…I thought I was just getting old!

SB: methinks Charlotte is the only one missing the bus here.

23 01 2009

your dog wears a scarf?! how jaunty!!

SB: Oh, she will be delighted to know that she is “jaunty”.

24 01 2009

I Love your blog!!! I am writing this comment to let you know that in going through the blogs tonight, that yours was amazing and caught my eye!! I am new to wordpress and am trying to show everyone my website and of course to make new friends. Please check out my blog as well at and let me know what you think!! I Hope to see you there!!

24 01 2009

The word I had in mind was recherché.

But that’s because I’m a wordsnob.

26 01 2009

I think we should all thank Charlotte for happy the sign we enjoyment.

SB: ten minute okay?

27 01 2009

I too was disappointed by the lack of really milk chocolate available to me on this particular day. However, perhaps Bailey and her frog could pay Charlotte a visit. Then her bubble wrap may seem less important. Though if she kisses Baliey while said frog is in her mouth the prove of loose screws is there. Is she the one who cried over no TV? Seems like something she would do. I hope she’s not in a boss or secretary position, grammatically incorrect is just wrong for both positions.
P.S. Did Grammer Vandel send over a Sharpie for you to correct the errors??

31 01 2009

that video was almost like watching Mythbusters. well, not almost but slightly…..

Was that note from SATC Charlotte? somehow I’d pictured her as more grammatical

SB: I wanted to be Charlotte! SATC, not FUBARGrammar

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