Door Etiquette

21 01 2009

Today’s lesson in Etiquette: The Door.

  1. If you are on the outside of a solid door (like, an elevator) please do not stand DIRECTLY in front of said door.  See, other people use the elevator and by your standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the door, those other people can’t get out.
  2. If you are on the outside of a clear door (like, the train) and YOU CAN SEE PEOPLE INSIDE, WAITING TO GET OUT, please, step back.  That doorway ain’t big enough for the two of us.
  3. Would it kill you to hold the door open for the person behind you?
  4. Would it kill you to say “thanks” when people hold the door open for you?
    1. Please note, if there are multiple doors and I hold one open and you don’t say thank you, I don’t hold the next one open.  This does not give you the right to gruff at me.
  5. When parking, please be mindful of the adjacent vehicle’s door position.  I.E. if you pull in beside a car that has backed in, make sure there is enough room for the other driver/passenger to get out.

Thank you.




3 responses

21 01 2009

Have you perfected the withering stare yet?

SB: Not so much. I have stopped saying “That’s okay” though, BECAUSE IT’S NOT.

21 01 2009

Are you still fighting the parking lot people?

SB: Yes. So I started backing in (when there is space) as opposed to backing out (when I’m trapped). Thing is, I don’t think jerk even h as a permit to be in my lot. And Jerk is a large man. A large man who could do with walking a few extra feet.

22 01 2009

Can I add that it is INCREDIBLY rude to fail to hold open the elevator door for your co-worker that is, oh, twenty feet behind you?

SB: “ooops, didn’t see you there. tee hee.” And that’s when you drop a can of tuna into their trash can.

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