New Obesssion

20 01 2009

For years I have been asking for an alpaca.
My tune has recently changed.

“Can I get a hedgehog?”
“They’re so cute!”
“Bailey would eat a hedghog.”
“NOOOO, hedgies have quills that aren’t harmfully sharp, but enough to give B warning.”
“Hedgies can co-habitate with Baileys and Kalis and Buffys.”
“That sounds like a lot of work.”
“They’re clean and only need like, a 20-gallon tank and a shoe box and they like people so sometimes it’ll sleep riiiiiightt here (point to neck)”
“Oh. Really?”
“And they are smart and like to do things that require thinking and THEY TALK!”
“They do not!”
“They do too! I did my research! When they’re happy, they coo or sigh!”
“And they snore! How adorable is that?!”
“Bailey snores.”
“Can I get a hedgehog?”

(I should note that this conversation took place at 2:15am)




12 responses

20 01 2009

I think you should get one. They are way easier to take care of than an Alpaca. Go for it! 🙂

SB: “Stttteeeevvvveee, Stacy said I can have a hedgehog!”

20 01 2009

double up on the meds bouncy! that is what I do!!!!

SB: *pout*

20 01 2009

Talking hedgehogs??? Runnnnn!

SB: Yes, run into their adorableness!

20 01 2009

Alpacas rock. They are much more cuddly, which gives them positive points.

Plus you can make sweaters for your in-laws.

However, it might be tougher to get the Alpaca past the city code.

Tough decision!

SB: that was one of Steve’s endless excuses of why I couldn’t/can’t get an alpaca, “we’re not zoned for it”. ppfffft, you men and your logic.

20 01 2009
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

You know…

You got a DS and showed it to me, and then I had to buy one.

You got a massaging chair and now I lust after it.

If you get a hedgehog am I going to have to have one of those too?

Maybe you should call Bart when you’re having these conversations and try to convince him while you work on the hubz.

SB: Yow know that if Bart suggested it, Steve would be all, “Let’s get two!”
Plus – if Steve says yes, B is way more likely to do the same.

20 01 2009

We have the biggest hedgehog that lives in the wild near us. I almost stepped on the damn thing about a year ago and it got away before I could get the camera. No one believed me until my sona dn I were playing football in the fild by the house and the thing came out of the water. This thing is huge!

SB: I want.

20 01 2009

Um, since hedgehogs are only native to Europe and not North America, I am pondering morethananelectrician’s comment and wondering if: a) I didn’t realize he lived in the UK; b) whether there is a population of feral hedgehogs sired by those pets abandoned by people like stephanie who thought they were “so cute” and then left them in the woods and got pet alpacas instead because they were so much “cooler”; or c) maybe it was a porcupine?

SB:well I never! I would love that little alpaca hedgehog until it’s eyes fell out. oh, wait, can I take that back… the eye thing…

20 01 2009

This area is a mecca for breeders of exotic animals for resale…hence the hedgehogs. I live VERY close to a major shipping area on the east coast.

SB: I’m on the east coast! You should steal a baby hedgie and mail it to me. People should be more careful with their pets.

20 01 2009

lol…husban-dito and i were just watching a hedgie eat a carrot on youtube last night…it made me want one.

SB: Dude, I totally saw that and the adorable is redunk.

20 01 2009

you need to hold out for the alpaca. you can shear an alpaca, but not a hedgehog (although, i suppose you could sell the quills as needles or the like).

the real question is, were both of you awake at the time the conversation went on?

SB: I think I’ve lost the alpaca battle. He actually asked to see video of hedgehogs last night. He was awake because he referenced conversation. that or he was guessing.

21 01 2009

Hedgehogs are great… they are nocturnal though so the snoring may not bother you too much. They like spam too! Fancy that! An animal that isn’t parky. (choosey with food) I get a few…all of them are called harry except for the ones that I see squished on the road.

SB: WHO in their right mind runs over teh adorable?! I have decided that our non-existent hedgie is named Itchy. And I can’t rightfully feed Itchy anything that I can’t stomach, so unless Steve wants to crack open a can’o’spam…

21 01 2009

Reminds me of a story my brother once told about a hiking buddy with the trail name of Hedgehog…he acquired the name b/c a hedgehog had gotten into his patrol car and could not get out and he did not know what the peculiar smell was…Hedgie was not happy to be stuck in a car!
Being quilled (?) apparently is not fun.

Somedays I am such a killjoy…just ignore me 🙂

SB: killjoy? naw, I know Itchy has quills… just like Beans has teeth and the kitties have claws. The fish and their lasers though…

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