Just Curious

19 01 2009

I’m just curious…

If someone has the key to the restroom in their hand, why would you continue to talk to them, even as they are making their way toward the door?

Also, announcing what you are going to do in said restroom is quite unnecessary.




3 responses

19 01 2009

hehe. It’s quite funny though… well not if you can’t wait.
I must admit, for comic effect, I have been known to announce that I’m going for a weeee. People usually laugh too.. well a couple do. 😮

SB: DAFFY! NO! Bad girl!

19 01 2009

Just grab your lower half and leave them…they can follow you if they want to chatter!

20 01 2009

Almost as disturbing as when you hear voices when you step in the restroom and realize the person in the stall is on the cell phone. Ugh. Updates? What?

SB: I know, right, like isn’t there someplace else they could do that? I mean, I’m all for multitasking…

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