MUCH Better: The 8:45 Edition

15 01 2009

Further proof that perhaps we should wait a while longer…
me: Oh Beans!  I sorry!  I totally forgot you were out of wet food!
B: Well, you keep it over here (walks toward the snack drawer)
me: No, sorry, no wet food today.  (pour dry food into bowl)
B: Um.  Mom.  That’s just dry food.  You forgot to put the wet food in.
me: Sorry, I’ll pick some up tonight.
B: Perhaps if you scratch my butt, I’ll push you towards the wet food drawer and you can get the wet food out for me because WET FOOD.
me: Sorry.  Really.  Go ahead.  Have breakfast.*  Have a good day.  I have to go.
B: I don’t think you understand.   I will sit and look at this, but it’s lacking.
me: GO AHEAD.  GOOD GIRL.  I have to go.
B, following me towards the door: You know, I’ll just come along with you, we can stop at the food place, you can get me some food and you know…
me: Beans.  No.  GO HAVE BREAKFAST.
B:I am so going to eat something of yours while you’re out.  have a good day.  mother.

While flipping through the stations, I see the name “Zamfir” scroll across the display.
“Wasn’t he ‘Master of the PanFlute‘?” I ask my purse.
And then, the panflute starts in.

Feeling pretty good, I open my car door to find that I have been driving with a tie from my duster sweater hanging out from my door.

*Bailey will sit for DAYS if you don’t tell her it’s okay to eat.




3 responses

15 01 2009

So very happy to report I was not drinking anything as I read this post!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

15 01 2009

zamfir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i remember that clown! love it! as for your cool sweater tie dragging on the salted, snowy buffalo roadways…can’t get much classier than that.

ps. this moring i saw a giant ford suv with a painted message on the back window that said, “JUST DIVORCED”. (i swear!) i wanted to get a picture, but i was exiting by the time he broomed by me. damn!

SB: I bet the SUV was part of the settlement. They kind of trumped me for classyiness. P.S. tee-hee “broomed”!

16 01 2009

At least you didn’t try to get something out of the back while closed in the door. It is really funny when you reach in the back and get rejected by your own “dumbness”.

It didn’t drag in the mud did it?

SB: It dragged in the mud and the salt and was pointed out by a fellow train passenger.

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