How About “No”?

15 01 2009

Gosh, must have been close to a year ago, SMS and I went to Applebee’s (insert heavy sigh here).
On a side, I can NEVER understand why this place is SO busy.
Anyway, my “drink” had no liquor in it, our waitress ignored us, my salad had brown avocado (brown side down), no shrimp (despite being advertised as “Avocado Shrimp Salad”), dressing ALL OVER the edge of the plate (“hee hee, I didn’t remember if you said on the side or not…”).

One returned meal and adjusted bill later, I’m still ticked, so I write a couple of nasty letters to the corporate office.
Using such phrases as “disgusting”, “disrespectful”, “ignored”, “unprofessional”, “gross” and “will never go back”, I figured I got my point across.

Then there was the voicemail.
“Hi Stephanie, this is the General Manager at Applebee’s McKinley. Sorry to hear about your experience. I really wish you would have talked to a manager while on site so we could have corrected the issue without getting corporate involved. When you decide to join us for dinner, ask to speak to the manager as we have a $10 gift card on hold for you.”
2) I DID speak to a manager and was told “I don’t even know why we have this on the menu, avocados are hard to keep.”
3) Did you just chastise me? I think you did.
4) Over priced drink $8, Overpriced fountain drink $3, Icky Salad $9, SMS’ thing $8. $28 pre-adjustment. And you want to give me $10.

Today, I check my email.
Low and behold, there’s an email from Applebee’s.
They got my email address from my complaint letters.






3 responses

16 01 2009

This actually reminds me of something that happened at work last week.

I had been having issues with one of my customers for months. The worst part is that he would always change the requirements and never write anything down, so we could never document any of it. Then when something inevitably went wrong, he would throw us under the bus.

So, it happened again. He then sent an e-mail to me chastising me for “us” screwing something up again for him. Having had enough, I issued a terse e-mail reply that detailed the plan going forward and copied his boss (your equivalent of corporate). I got the same response you did – “you should have handled this internally without going to him.” And, like you, I tried but was summarily ignored.

Regardless, I am sorry for your inconvenience and I will try to minimise my support of the evil franchise. Although, I would be willing to take that gift card off your hands for $5. 😛

SB: When you’re back in town, we’ll go to The Den of Evil and you can have my giftcard. But you’ll have to pick it up from under this bus…

16 01 2009

My wife seems to like this place but i have never had a pleasant experience there…even for a lunch and how hard is it to screw up a club sandwich and a soda!?!?

A contractor gave me a $50 gift card there for Christmas and I do not even want to use it…I told my wife to take the kids there for lunch or invite a friend for an evening meal and I can watch the kids.

SB: You do realize that sending her only means you get to hear about how they screwed up HER meal, right?

19 04 2009

I made a grave error by going to the Crapplebees in Jacksonville, florida regency square location. First off the place was like a walk in freezer, we asked the server 3 times then the manager to turn it off, the freezing air never was turned off the whole hour we stayed. next the margaritas i ordered were horrible tasting and had zero alcohol, rot gut at its finest.
Then we ordered the $20 deal and got spinach dip which came out with a pube on the dish. Disgusting!!! No silverware or napkins were brought to the table till after we had received the entrees. Now the Riblets are some kind of unidentifiable meat, I figure its possum back or some kind of very small forest-dwelling wallabies also known as pademelons (genus Thylogale)!!!!!!!!!! And since i am not used to eating such a creature i was up all night burping and passing gas! No i say to anyone asking me to go to Applebees, neigh i mean,NEVER AGAIN!! Please avoid that place like your life depends on it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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