Watchin’ The Clouds Go By…

14 01 2009

I know I’ve been slacking as of late, but it’s not been a very exciting few days over here.

Oh, except for, you know, the bill we got from the hospital for Steve’s appendectomy.  Yeah, let’s see, August-September-October-November-December-January, 6 months. Oh, and the bill itself.  Let’s just say that we could buy a used 2007 Tahoe for what they’re charging us.  Oh, but they didn’t charge for the room and only $0.32 per pain pill.
He calls the insurance company.
The insurance company has been trying to get a hold of the hospital (to no avail) because the hospital’s billing department mis-coded our coverage.
Steve tried to get a hold of the hospital (to no avail).
Did I mention that the bill was enough to purchase a deserted home in Buffalo… possibly many homes?

And what a FANTASTIC morning I HAD with the four degree weather (and a minus five degree wind chill) (and that’s Fahrenheit people) and the train driver who decided that even though I was feverishly pushing the “Door Open” button, it must be opposite day and I totally wanted to walk the three-quarters mile to my office because some V.I.P.s were supposed to be in (and they came in late).

Oh.  And it’s snowing.  Again.

And tomorrow is supposed to be even colder.

On the plus side though, I didn’t have to wiggle quite as much to get my dress pants on…




3 responses

14 01 2009

If I understand your gender correctly, the pants thing makes everything else much better…doesn’t it?

sb: ding ding ding

14 01 2009

ahhh, the joy of insurance. (whispering: in my past life, i worked at a health insurance company–my job was to CANCEL the policies for people who didn’t pay. it was a horror show on a daily basis.)

good news on the pants. bad news on the weather–it’s fa-reezing here too. i can’t take it…i’m going to florida and will send you a post card. swak!

sb: I’m small enough to fit in overhead bins. I come?

15 01 2009

I’ll just bet they’re the skinny pants too, aren’t they????

We are actually supposed to get down in the 20’s…cold, cold for us Southerners! I may actually have to dig out a coat…I am sure I have one somewhere.

sb:skinny pants… you’re a hoot.

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