Party in My Mouth: Spicy ‘getti

12 01 2009

For Christmas, Steve (and ‘lissa) got me “Cooking Coach” for DS.
So, in an effort to show that I appreciate such present, I chose a recipe from the catalog.  (I do not understand why Steve gets me such things, knowing that I am going to use them and knowing that he’s afraid of anything that isn’t chicken or doesn’t come from a fryer)
List in hand, I head to the “Stupid Ghetto Tops (Grocery Store)”*
The recipe called for “Chili Peppers” a kin to what is used in Asian food.
Ghetto Tops did not have any, so I had to improvise and now, I share it with you.

Spicy ‘getti
1 box of thin spaghetti, 14-16oz
1 jar of “Garlic Chili Sauce” (found in the Asian food section)
1/2 cup Olive oil

1) Fill a large pot with enough water that the eventual pasta will be able to “dance”.  Non-dancing pasta creates that weird foamy overspill.  Salt water with about a teaspoon per quart.  (As usual, I guessed)
2) Cook pasta until done (mine took 6  minutes of rolling boil).  Before dumping the water, reserve 1/2 cup of the salty pasta water.
3) Drain pasta
4) On low heat, mix jar of chili sauce with olive oil and water.  Make sure everything is mixed.
5) Add pasta
6) Stir, ensuring all pasta is coated.
7) Serve

If it’s too dry for you, add more olive oil for finish.
We used a little grated parm on top.
How spicy was it?  Steve didn’t even use Frank’s on it.

*a- I HATE Tops in the first place b-The closest Tops is in MAJOR need of a remodel c- The closest Tops always seems to have questionable characters in it




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12 01 2009

I bet I can beat your questionable characters at Tops. In the Cleveland area all our Tops were bought out by Giant Eagle. But before they were, my S-I-L and I were getting out of the car at the local Tops. Upon closing the car doors we were bombarded with a flood of very vile and evil language from the Cart Boy. Quite scary. However, after further inspection of said Cart Boy, we realized he has Touret’s Syndrome(spelling). My poor 7 year old niece was a bit flabbergasted to say the least. Further explaination was obviously needed. He really was a great guy but I feel perhaps the parking lot was not the prime place for him to be. (At least he isn’t a Walmart Greeter)

Hubby loves spicy food. May try your recipe some day and see if we need to add Tobasco to it.

12 01 2009

You must live near that Tops by Walmart, eh? That is seriously the grossest Tops EVER!!!! Sorry I have refused to go in there many times because of those questionable characters. Interesting Recipe….I’ll have to try it! Chicken stew will be coming soon. 🙂

SB: That is the Tops! Or the pits… either or. At least it’s never busy, so that makes up for the surly employees. I just DID NOT want to do anything yesterday.

12 01 2009
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Yeah, can I second (or third, I guess) that Tops comment?

Have you considered doing the one right down on South Park in the village? Less gross, bigger, cleaner, less shady. Maybe ’cause it’s closer to the police station or further from Wal-Mart.

SB: Yeah, I know, but it feels like such a hassle… and you know I can’t turn left!

13 01 2009

what the sam-hill is a ‘tops’? must be a weird wny thing. we shop at civilized places like ‘stop and shop’ or ‘wegmans’. hahahaha.

SB: Tops= Teh Suck (I prefer Wegmans as well, but that extra mile….)

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