Hey Baby, Can I Get Your Number?

12 01 2009

In a perfect world, pants would be made for people for whom “regular” is too long and “short/petite” is too short.
Seeing as this is the real world, I am faced with either looking like there’s a flood coming in or like I was hacked off at the knees.
We went jeans shopping a few weeks ago and well, I can’t shop with him around.
So, knowing how blah the store makes me feel, I decided to see what the interwebs had for information.
And then, like a ray of light from the sky, google found Zafu.
I don’t know what a Zafu is nor do I care.
After inputting no embarrassing information (blood type, next of kin, hip size), zafu comes back with 36 (!!!) pairs of pants to try.
Armed with knowledge, I head to Kohl’s to experiment.
15 (!!!) pair* and a lot of tag scratches later, I found a winner.  The lucky pair were the exact pair Zafu recommended.

Dear Levi’s 550, relaxed fit, I LOVE YOU.

*This, coming from a woman who has to try on every pair of pants; even if they are the same brand, model, wash…




13 responses

12 01 2009

Ugh…pants shopping is the pits…bra shopping is lower than the pits!!!

SB: Actually, I had an underwire pop through my convertible today 😦

12 01 2009

LOL I recommended zafu to dailydish a few months ago.

Connie, last time I was there, they had added a bra fit wizard, but I seriously doubt how useful it could be.

SB: they do still have the bra thing, but I’ve pretty much got that figured out…

12 01 2009

Can the bra fit wizard put the “girls” back where they were when I was 25????

SB: Hey now, let’s not get all crrrazzzzyyy (I have that covered)

12 01 2009

Levis are the BEST. My favorite jeans in the world. Congrats!!

12 01 2009

@Connie – HAHAHHAHAH!!

12 01 2009

oooh well happy pant shopping then!
I’m too old/fat for jeans but I love my Lee’s Jeans… faded and ripped, I looked an eighties throw back!

12 01 2009

My wife falls inbetween 6P and 8P and it is something I struggle with when buying pants for her…She doesn’t get insulted if they lean closer to 8P when she is closer to the 6P. She has been cutting pounds a lot lately and I am going to have to ask again before the next major gift giving season!

SB: And that’s why I purge pants that don’t fit (one way or the other). My luck, he’d snoop and get me a 12 (when I’m closer to an 8)

12 01 2009

it’s the same thing with guys… even if it’s the same brand, size, etc., they all seem to fit differently. or maybe it’s my ever morphing body that’s doing that… [sigh]… glad you had a success story, nonetheless!

13 01 2009

i am sending this link to my mudder–she is forever hemming jeans and doing other strange alterations with them. you’re a lifesaver. 🙂

as for me, i lurve my old navy jeans…

SB: Old Navy’s jeans seem to be too low for me… I don’t feel right with my plumber sticking out.

13 01 2009

Daffy, love…you are never too old/fat for jeans…just ditch the Mom jeans…there is a whole new world of jeans out there for the “grown up” crowd.
Oh Hi Bouncy!!!

13 01 2009

Yes, but is the experiment repeatable under scientifically-controlled conditions?

SB: yes, under humming florescent lights and “adult” “soft” “rock”.

14 01 2009
that girl

Wow! I could play on this Zafu site for hours!

I couldn’t seem to fit in to Levi’s correctly. I tried for years. Then one day I found my magical Gap jeans.

15 01 2009

“relaxed fit” sounds extra comfy

sb: I think it’s code for “room for your thunder-thighs and ba-dunk-a-dunk”.

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