Double Take

9 01 2009

Knowing half of what I we getting into, I went to the gym “later” (read: 7:15).
It was less packed, which was great.
So I’m at this bench to do some back/oblique work and this kid (dunno, like 16-ish) walks up to the scale near the bench.
He doesn’t have shoes on, but he does have like, soccer socks, long shorts and a DRENCHED t-shirt.
He hops on, looks at the display and hops off.
He removes his shirt and drops it on the floor.
He was wiry and a white as I am.
Back on the scale.
Back off.
Thank goodness he had boxers on.
Back on the scale.
Back off, shaking his head.

At least I didn’t want to eat after my workout. (which was great, BTW)




4 responses

9 01 2009

He must be trying to make lightweight? or something?

PS: I too am stark white. I try to keep covered as much as possible. For everyone’s sake.

SB: Really, how much weight can sweaty clothes hold? And if you’re going to strip, DO IT AT HOME.

9 01 2009

Maybe he’s like one of those guys that were on Dr. Phil yesterday. I don’t normally watch because I think he’s a tad bit creepy but it was about the growing prevalence of eating disorders and exercise bulimia in men and boys.

SB: Maybe….. I mean, I was more creeped out that he was stripping in the middle of the gym.

10 01 2009

I’m going with the sports angle. It is wrestling season after all.

That, or maybe he’s training to be a cage fighter!

SB: Well, I’m getting him a lion.

10 01 2009

You should have done the same thing…that would have shocked him into putting his pants back on!

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