Pass the Chocolate and No One gets Hurt

8 01 2009

(someone, who may or may not be the princess of this blog, is dealing with some grrowwlaatttitute this morning.  I think I could use a PMSundae*)

*PMSundae: Vanilla ice cream, fruit loops, chocolate syrup and a beer.




5 responses

8 01 2009

AAACCKKKK!!! That is freaky eatin/drinkin! Ranks right up there with CWG’s pink mashed potatoes.

SB: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

8 01 2009

*awkward stare*


*more awkward stare*

SB: and WHAT is THAT supposed to mean?!?! *crying*

8 01 2009

* backing away from your blog veerrrry slowly…so i don’t disturb you….* i’ll blow kisses from afar!

SB: but you have the best candy!

8 01 2009

Am sending reinforcements. Wait – out of froot loops. Will shredded wheat do>?

SB: No. Harumph.

8 01 2009

I think Stephanie or the cat or both would enjoy shredding their own wheat at the moment.

SB: Shredding something anyway.

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