Spammers, Just a Few Bits of Advice

5 01 2009

Dear Spammers,

If you’re going to take the time to spam my email or wordpress posts, may I offer a few bits of advice.
I mean, if you’re going to try to fool me, at least make an effort.

1) When spamming my e-mail, please use a reasonable date.  I’m pretty sure it’s not July 29, 2038.  Automatic delete.
2) If you’re going to spam my comments, at least pick a post that is recent.  Commenting on something I wrote three months ago is an automatic delete.
3) Email spammers should refer to me by my name; not my mother’s name or as the first part of my email address.  My name is not Susan katkis.
4) Commenting on posts saying is was “a really great read” when it was all photos… delete.
5) Please send something that makes sense.  “sadfjsfbosudyfsdburt (link) dfghdsasopdufntjdfkajys”= DE-LE-TE!

So, readers, beside the basic premise of spam, what bothers you about it?
(Please note, I’m not talking about the icky canned product)



5 responses

5 01 2009
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right


Because my e-mail address is on the company website (and I am also the recipient of info@, support@, and buyer@) I get a lot of junk.

My assistant and I are big fans of the following recent subject lines I have received:

Make her rainforest with your big rocket.
So deep it hurt.
Fit perfectly between her jugs.
re: she felt good from behind

SB: Well, you do deal with replacement parts. uh-huh-huh-huh.

5 01 2009

i love spam. just saying.

SB: You’re sick.

5 01 2009

These are wonderfully detailed photos….

July 17, 1890

SB: President Harrison? Is that you?!

6 01 2009

I found your site by accident looking for some sort of kitchen utensil on line. Since finding it, I have become a blog reading junkie. At almost 38(gasp) it is sad that my 8 yr old step son cruises along on the net faster than I blink. Since finding your site and reading others you have links too, I am compelled to attempt (and I use the term loosely) starting my own blog. I will most certainly spend plenty of time on the helpful links sent by wordpress.
Thank you for all the fun stuff you write.
PS. a few times of car alarms being accidently set off may help the parking problem. Nothing worse than being in the shower and realizing the cars beeping and wailing at you. perhaps a sharp nail accidently placed right behind each tire would work also. Love having a house now. No more parking problems

SB: *eyebrow*

8 01 2009

1. Search for some sort of kitchen utensil…
2. result is Please, Stop Bouncing
3. pannonica invents the pogo-stick meat tenderizer

SB: Do I post that much about my kitchen? Um, eek.

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