Another Question

5 01 2009

Why is it that people who haven’t said boo to you all day suddenly feel the need to converse when you pick up the newspaper?

And why do these same people seem agitated when you do not stop reading the paper to pay attention to them?

Am I wrong or is it presumptuous to think that people who are READING THE PAPER are not ripe for conversation? (Unless of course, they’re trying to tell you that your hair is on fire.)




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5 01 2009

People still read the newspaper?

SB: Sure we do. Next year, there’s talk of getting electricity ’round these parts.

6 01 2009

it’s all a ploy. the person is hoping you’ll put down the paper so he/she can subtly snag it and walk off after the ‘conversation’ is over. ha.

SB: I don’t think the distractee knows how to read.

6 01 2009

It’s the same brand of thick-skinnedness (it’s a word!) that compels my boss to call impromptu meetings at lunchtime.

6 01 2009

My cat used to do the same thing. Couldn’t care less about me – I pick up the paper – BOOM.


SB: Buffy does that! In fact, while I was running about this morning she was all “mew mew mew!”. And glad you like the cookie 🙂

7 01 2009

Dishy is all about the food 🙂

Maybe you have a sign on your head that says “talk to me”
I think I do…

8 01 2009

At least you don’t have to worry about coworkers talking next to you while you are taking a leak.

And – at least you have a daily newspaper – we won’t have one for much longer out here.

P.S. Paper up, paper down, paper up, paper down, every few seconds usually works well for me.

SB: You assume too much. Pronoun (affectionately nicknamed because she only speaks in pronouns) tells me about her bladder regularity.

8 01 2009

(This anecdote is historical because I can’t remember the last time I bought a touch-it-feel-it-hold-it-in-your-hands newspaper.)

On the NYC subway I get annoyed when people try to read the paper over my shoulder, or when sitting next to me. I would turn to them and in the nicest and most genuine way, not snotty or condescending, I’d say, “Would you like a section?” No one ever, ever said yes. And they stopped eavesreading. I was always kind of disappointed because I of course would have given them a section.

SB: Seems that we’re the only ones who still read the physical paper… Eavesreading is a capital crime in my book. Er, newspaper.

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