Grammar Question

2 01 2009

Perchance there is someone in the blogosphere who can answer a burning question.

Do signmakers have to print signs as denoted by the customer?*

why why why

why why why

‘lissa, Steve and I have been scratching our heads over this one.

consistancy people!

consistancy people!

Wouldn’t/Shouldn’t the printer/letterer say something?

Wont someone think of the children?!

Won't someone think of the children?!

“Um, sir, there doesn’t need to be an apostrophe in ‘restrooms’.  Just saying.”

birds what?

There’s an auto electronics place around the corner from Casa that boasts “Stereo’s”, “Alarm’s” and “Starter’s”.  However, they also have “Speakers” and “Sunroofs”.
Why not use apostrophes in every instance or in no instances?!?!

*I’m talking about professional signs, not the ones that are printed from a PC or handwritten.  Like the ones someone has to pay for.




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2 01 2009

why why why are pictures showing up on wordpress today?! that’s my question. is it just my ghetto-arse computer?

SB Sez: does not compute. Did you forgot the word “not”?

2 01 2009

I have had stuff printed and they print what you send them. They would rather you made a mistake and had to have it redone…for more money.

A good printer would read and ask if you wanted correction’s, but they are in the printing busines’s and are not the grammar police.

Many of them are ordered online and shipped. The business owner’s that made the order’s are the one’s to blame.


SB Sez: You’re lucky I’m in a good mood… you silly. I never took the money part into account though… I figured that you’d want to present your business in the best light. I don’t patronize poor spelling/grammar businessi.

2 01 2009

SB Sez: tagged. delicious.

2 01 2009

(1) Wish I could see the images. Why why why not available? (2) Any printer, even of signs, should send proofs before printing. This is the time to say, “Did you really mean *Thrift Shope* or was the second word perhaps to have been *Shoppe* or *Shop*?” (3) When I lived in Tucson, every day I drove past a store whose sign read “Barbeques Galore” (or something). Having taken 4 years of French, I, in my mind, pronounced the first word *bar-BEKS*. The word is *barbecue*. I can live with “Bar-B-Q” but not *bar-BEK*. –Mary

SB Sez: Welcome to the fray! CWG couldn’t see the images either, but I can… hmm, seems that someone needs a talking to. Oh, and they can’t pronounce ANYTHING right in Tucson.

2 01 2009

P.S. *Straitjacket*, not *straightjacket*. –Mary

4 01 2009

No pics for me either! 😦 While working at the ornament stand we would personalize ornaments with last names and people would always say,” And here it should say The S-m-i-t-h-apostrphe-s” No I would say, no apostrophe. The doesn’t belong the them, your just making more than one smith…so just add an s. Some people would actually argue, so i would just write it the way they wanted. Whatever, it’s your stupid ornament. The best is the last name that end in an s already like mine! They think it should be The Jones’……ha ha! No it really should be The Joneses … even though it looks silly! They never believed that one. Why do people think that the grammar rules change for names?

5 01 2009

I think the basic problem is that a lot of people are idiots. Or rather, idiot’s.

11 01 2009

At my job, I create web components for contests sponsored by clients. All the work I do must be client-approved before I activate it on the site. Often, the clients send me copy that contains grammatical and/or mechanical errors. I usually fix the copy before putting it into the web components and wait to see if they notice. Usually they don’t notice. Sometimes, though, they do notice, and they make me change it back to the original, crappily-written way. I always try to talk them out of this and tell them that I strongly recommend making the change (and then explain why the copy’s incorrect), but in some cases, they STILL don’t back down. I’ve worked with one particular company, for instance, who insists that the phrase is “roundtrip” as opposed to “round-trip” (the latter is correct) and will NOT approve my web components if they see “round-trip” in their copy. Sigh.

SB: Yikes. Well, that explains that. How’s that saying go, “You can lead a horse to water…”

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