31 12 2008

M&D forwarded a Kohl’s gift card with my Christmas Booty.
This card is still in my wallet. At full value.

Typically, the second after I get a gift card, I am camped out at the respective store, salivating, waiting for the doors to open so I can daftly spend my penance.

Is it the post-holiday bargain-hunter left in me?
Why have I not spent the card along with another pile of money?

Do Tell Reader(s), What gift have you not opened/spent yet?




5 responses

31 12 2008

i’m patently trying to avoid WORK today…how am i doing?

i have all my GCs:

$100 to anthropologie
$25 to sephora
$15 to itunes
$50 to borders

but i’m FROTHING and can’t wait to spend, spend, spend! (i just haven’t had a second.)

SB Sez: I hear Kohl’s calling…. hmmm, how late are they open. Seems my gift card just started on fire. Also, WHY have I not heard of anthropologie until now?!?! I WANT I WANT I WANT.

31 12 2008
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

HOOOOOOLD the bus.

I have changed my mind.

Instead of living in Wegmans, I want to transport an anthropologie into Wegmans and live there.


31 12 2008

My wife took off to Kohl’s for the clearance sales and come back loaded with summer stuff. A huge bag full for less than $20. I bought her clothes there for Christmas and gave her the Kohl’s Cash in her stocking.

She does great gifting for herself.

SB Sez: Heaven forbid she gifts good for you. Maychance you should leave a copy of a Red Rider ad in her Look.

1 01 2009

it must be because you’re from WNY. hahhahah.

SB Sez: Well, we did just get running water out here *spit tabacca into spitoon*

1 01 2009

Oh I still have lots o’ stuff to spend too!

lots of dinner gift cards but I keep saying we should save them for the days when we really want to go out. If it was up to the hubby we would have gone out everyday this week and used them all. My morning weigh in’s couldn’t handle eating out everyday!

SB Sez: Doesn’t it seem like all the “good” cards come from “bad” places?! We use our cards when we’re between paychecks and I don’t want to cook.

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