29 12 2008

The good news is that I’ve already been awake longer today than I was yesterday.
While trying to maintain consciousness at work, this means all the Christmas Joy is at home on the camera.

Quick Version:
– Did not end up with “The Crappy Gift” at the white elephant exchange*
– Only slight badgering about childless relationship status.
Bonus: Many witnesses to MIL/SMS admitting that she would pay for our trip to Europe.**
– Delightful Christmas morning with The Mister and The Beans.
Booty to me included: FANTASTIC new earrings, Ninjatown, Cooking Coach, antiquing book, Happy Bunny Calendar, gym stuff
Booty to The Mister included: Authentic Vintage 91-92 Sabres Jersey, iPod Docking station, candy
Booty to us from M&D: Reindeer dressed in “Takey Outey” t-shirt, shirts, the most confusing bar game ever***
– 21 +/- Pair of socks****. “How many years have I asked for socks?”, “Every year.”, “And how many years have I gotten socks?”, “none.”
– Decent Christmas at SMS’.
Booty Included: Shiatsu massaging chairbackthing, Viva La Juicy perfume (surprised the hell out of me), work clothes, gym stuff
– Friday night I drank a bit and thought it was a hangover making me feel like crap, but no, it’s a sinus infection.  You can find me by the trail of yellow/green tissues.
– ‘lissa and I went to the Sabres game on Saturday and had The Most Horrible Restaurant Experience Ever*****.
Bonus: Sabres won in a shoot-out meaning we’re allowed to return to the arena (as the boys are wicked superstisious)
– Spent all of Sunday sleeping, sneezing, snoting and snoring.  This unfortunate turn of events prevented me from spending an anniversary proper with The Mister.  Yesterday marked our SEVENTH YEAR together.

Do tell, how was your Holiday Experience?

* White Elephant Exchange: Procure a somewhat useless gift (like, a wet/dry vac), wrap and place in a pile. All gifters get a number denoting what order you pick a gift. Higher numbers have the choice to “steal” a gift from a lower number, ensuring chaos and lament.
** Stephanie’s Motto: Marriage-dog-Europe-Children.
*** Message left on M&D’s machine: “WHAT THE FU*K is this thing?!?!”
**** 6 from M&D, 5 from Steve, 4 from J&J, 6 from SMS’
***** Let’s say it invovled seeing a rodent AFTER placing food order and drinking from glasses.  N.Y.S.D.O.H anyone?




4 responses

29 12 2008

i wanna play the white elephant exchange–oh, wait. we do that with my family without intending to do so. hahaha. the rodent incident sounds oh so delish. and hockey? really? does buffalo have any other sports teams? hmmm…nothing is coming to mind. oh, yes…those football people. i guess you can’t play baseball on the TUNDRA.

ps. did i mention that our 2009 road trip will be zooming right by your house? (en route to niagara fawwllsss)

SB Sez: Actually, the Mets are our farm team for Baseball, so neener. And dude, the falls are stupid close. You need to tell me when you’re gliding though. Nuttin like a local to tell you not to go on third.

29 12 2008

We had no White Elephant exchanges, but I ended up with all of the crappy gifts. I am SOOOO going to trade my wife in for a gift gifting version.

Do they have upgrades?

SB Sez: I think you need patch 2k for that one… didn’t you give your wife super-wonderful gifts…

29 12 2008

In about an hour, I took her from tears of joy after pre-loading the digital picture frame full of birth, marriage and “kids being cute pictures” (that gift was labeled from the kids) to smiles of joy as she was able to simply plug her Ipod in slot in her vehicle to listen in her van. The clothes even fit perfectly and they were prewashed (by me) and ready for her to leave on after she tried them on immediately. She stayed in the outfits all weekend, only to change into the one’s I got her last year…

This was the best yet (for her)…and spent less than usual.

I got a 2lb. tub a pretzles, some Famous Amos cookies and more pajamas that don’t fit… It is funny.

I stashed away a little $$$ for me to get something for myself.

Maybe a hooker this year! 🙂

SB Sez: Well, chlamydia is the gift that keeps giving. Better luck for your birthday?

29 12 2008

I hate the white elephant exchange. It is the stupidest f*cking thing every year and I typically find ways to try and ruin or get out of it.

2 years ago – I intentionally selected the present that I had gifted. I wanted it, so I took it back.
Last year – My gift for the exchange was Jack Daniels. This almost created a riot amongst the white trash and led to new rules about how many times a gift can be exchanged back and forth.
This year – My gift looked really thoughtful, but really it was a combination of things I had regifted. I then had the last pick and took the item that everyone else wanted.

But I was especially belligerent because someone successfully got out of participating. I was not happy when I found that out.

SB Sez: Ah, who doesn’t love a riot around the holidays?! See, I thought the point was to regift “useful/thoughtful” things. Not an ergonomic-back-mesh-thingie.

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