Commute from Hell x2

23 12 2008

Exhibit A)
map of “the southtowns” and Buffalo.

Without getting specific, I live around that 179 marker.  ish.  Give or take.

Exhibit B)
Map marked up with my normal commute path.

Exhibit C)
Alternate route when “5” is closed.  Some bozo decided that a super elevated bridge in a windy city near a lake was a good idea.  So, when the wind and/or snow kick up, traffic is diverted as per this example.

Exhibit C)
Yesterday, being the day after a storm (Chez Mak got about two feet), “5” was closed and “The 90″* (the major highway from NYC to PA, cross-state) was closed due to blowing snow and lack of plowing.
And I knew that from listening to the traffic reports.
EXCEPT the end of the traffic report must have got lost ON EVERY STATION.
See, usually, when 5 closes, it’s from “The entrance ramp to the skyway”.
Yesterday, it was closed at Ridge; the main route up to the the highway.
Oh, and Ridge was closed because it wasn’t plowed.
So I have to have to go BACK up 5, to Lake, to South Park LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO COULD NOT TAKE THE THRUWAY or 5.
The arrows, it took me over an hour to travel that span.
My normal commute was SIX TIMES as long as normal.

Exhibit D)
Today, there was a watermain break on 5 (represented by blue squiggles), thus closing it between the aforementioned Lake and Ridge.
So, like everyone else who couldn’t take 5, I took the 90.

I am so glad to have the next 5 days off.

*Please note, WNYers add “the” in front of major routes as a regional dialect thing.  I.E. I-290 is “da two-ninney”, Rt-33 is “da thirddy-three”



7 responses

23 12 2008

We have ‘the 9’ down here, so I know what you mean about adding the as a road prefix. As for your commute, I’ve heard AZ is lovely this time of year.

23 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

Yeah. Um. You realize you’re becoming your husband, right? What with the maps and such…did you put together a power point presentation?

SB Sez: In my defense, not everyone lives in a poorly planned city were there are only two throughfares from the south to the north. I knew I’d get “why not just take the streets?”, thus *click* this slide naw.

23 12 2008
Mr. Bill

You think you have it bad… yesterday the sun was so bright that I had to wear sunglasses and a hat!!! The wind was blowing a cold breeze of about 71. Burr, we were actually thinking of closing the windows. There are so many blue haired snowbirds here that it took me 23 minutes to get to the casino instead of 17…. WE ARE GOING CRAZY

SB Sez: going?

23 12 2008

Well, I’m poolside in sunny Florida and not even worrying about the weather. See you suckers after the THAW. hahaha.

SB Sez: *glare*

23 12 2008

ok…i’m lying. i’m in jersey and i’m FREEZING. i have a mountain of presents to wrap and more cookies to bake…but i’m still in my PJs!!!! hahaahaha

SB Sez: Knew you couldn’t resist the allure of constant shoveling.

23 12 2008

Well. It is over with now. Relax and open a bottle of something.

SB Sez: Xanax counts?

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