Twilight Puppets

19 12 2008

(not done by me)




4 responses

19 12 2008

Laughing myself silly…this is just wrong on so many levels Hahahahahaha!!!!

SB Sez: I just saved myself $12.

19 12 2008

I never planned on seeing the movie, but I get it now. That vampire love is some crazy-cool stuff!

19 12 2008

I liked the book, want to see the movie too…but this is funny! He he he!

19 12 2008

i’m dying laughing!!!!!!!! that is sooo funny–the sparkle part is classic…but i did like the book. 🙂

SB Sez: first rule of book club is read the book beforew you see the movie… I am -1 on both. Oh, and look at that, I’m also a dork.

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