Now I See Why I Did Not Get Accepted Into an Art Program

18 12 2008

“Now I know why Steve always looks frightened when I cook”
“Now we see why Stephanie takes photos instead of other creative arts.”


Bear Bear

Ginger Bear Idea

(Oh, I should have noted that those things on the bears feet, the ones that would not even be on the cookie bear are “Shoelaces”)


They're Special.

They're Special.

(And, as usual, my treats do not look cute and instead look like they were part of botched bear decapitation… sigh.)




9 responses

18 12 2008

It looks like you were sober when you made the cookie, but had a bit too much Bailey’s by the time it was ready to be decorated!

SB Sez: Seeing as my liver was still pissed about happy hour, all decorating was done stone sober. Which is even sadder.

19 12 2008

that decorated bear looks like he’s preparing to go in and do an armed robbery at the local bank!! ahhaah. you might be less of an artiste than me–and that’s saying something.

SB Sez: Tis the season for giving. And I’ve given you the gift of having art props.

19 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

It DOES look cute! It just looks like it should wear a helmet and take a short bus. 🙂 No, for serious, drop them off at my place tonight if you don’t want them!

SB Sez: Holy Coincidence! I totally told Janet (co-worker) that it looks like they took the short bus to bear school.

19 12 2008

I think that your bear is ADORABLE!!!!! I love them!

SB Sez: *mwah* thank you!

19 12 2008

I AM sure it tastes fabulous and that is what counts…right??? At least you are baking unlike some that shall remain nameless!

SB Sez: they’re wicked good. crispy around the edges and melty in the middle.

19 12 2008

Zombie bear cookies. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

SB Sez: Next batch will be intentional zombie bears. Maybe then they’ll be cute.

19 12 2008

Fabulous! Love it! Especially the neckerchief! Very cool bear… shame to eat him but I sooooo would! :o)

SB Sez: B and I already ate the head off one.

20 12 2008
Mr. Bill

May I just eat your prototype?

SB Sez: you mean to tell me that I could have saved thousands of dollars on presents and just sent you a ream of paper and some scented markers?

2 11 2009

That’s totaly bizarre, was Bailey freaked out by it?
The red scarf looks more like really badly deformed lips.
My what big lips you have grandma.
All the better to scare the crap outta you my dear.

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