Basket Envy

18 12 2008

Tis the season that packages start flowing into the office.
One of the project managers opted to share his booty with the entire staff, so naturally, we all flocked to the kitchen like we had never seen food and may never see food again.
Fawning over the items, it’s a scavenger hunt and we’re shouting out what we’ve grabbed.
“Tea Biscuits!”
“Peppermint Pillows!”
“English Toffee!”



6 responses

18 12 2008

Hahahaha!!! I have cookies, cakes, nuts etc. surrounding me…all our vendors leave goodies at my desk b/c they must pass through me to get to everyone else to make a sale!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

SB Sez: Sometimes we share, sometimes we do not.

18 12 2008

Sounds lovely!
If you want English toffee my dear all I need is an addy and I will supply you! Or anything English come to think of it…. and if you require the presence of an English person for a visit for a while! *hand up in air* “Me!” :o)
Hellooooo Connie! :o) This goes for you too!

SB Sez: I can hear it now. “Um, Steve, I may have totally adopted an EnglishPerson. Can we keep her?”

18 12 2008
Melissa the most awesome person you know oh yeah that's right

OMG, I know.
I got a basket of Ghirardelli chocolate, and opted to share (after taking the thing I most wanted).

My assistant comes out of the kitchen and hands me a ceramic blue plate – the size you’d put a tea cup on.

“This was in the basket…no one wanted it because you can’t eat it.”

Like vultures, I tell you.

SB Sez: I’m pretty sure the intern ate our plate.

18 12 2008

i got a big basket of NOTHING this year…i guess i’ve been naughty.

i’m signing up to host daffy on her american tour, coming summer 2009. 🙂 i’ll take her to the beach and all that jazz.

i always wanted one of those harry and david fruit towers–the catalogs make the fruit look UNREAL!

SB Sez: You’re not fooling anyone. We all know you’ve been naughty.

18 12 2008

Ha! How do those damn things always manage to sneak in there? They are not wanted! Someone should tell them.

SB Sez: And how random. Olives. Not like, more chocolate. Olives. *shakes head*

18 12 2008

We get all sorts of crap. Hams, wine, cookies, candies and the best ever…canned Salmon.

All the stuff is usually addressed to me, but it wouldn’t be nice to take everything. I grab a ham and some cookies and leave them to fight over the alcohol and candy.

The canned fish gets left in the trash can.

SB Sez: Canned fish eh? “I like you enough to send you pickled fish.” Wow. Thanks.

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