17 12 2008

I’ve been a bit on the DL as of late because work had a PROJECT for me!

This has raised a number of emotions.
Joy: “Holy crap!  I get to use my brain!”
Anger: “I can not believe I put up with the other job as long as I did.”
Frustration: “I’ve asked him for the same information three times!”
Panic: “The proposal is due in three hours and we haven’t even approved the draft!”
Creativeness: “Typewriter?  Really?”
Eagerness: “I think it would be super cool if I helped contribute to our award of this project.”
Acceptance: “They are asking for and using my ideas.  I’m part of The Team.”
Anticipation: “Oh, man.  If we don’t get it, will it have been any of my fault?”
Pleasure: “I enjoy working.”
Happy Hour: (from a manager) “Hope to see you between three and eight!”

So, my portion of the proposal is complete.  Basically, I complied information from seven sources into one document.  One Federal Document.  Put together by someone who does not understand how to use outline formatting in word.
Alas, I survived!
Formatting and reformatting aside, I am super pleased with my work.

Stress aside/confirmed (“Seriously?  Do we need to hold his hand?”) I’m actually really really happy.

Side note to other patrons of my parking lot,
Is there any reason why two sedans can not park next to one another?
Okay, if you can’t, for whatever reason, can you at least leave enough room so someone else can park next to you?
Same goes for you Mr. SUV who parks in the most awkward of places, thus making leaving ones parking spot resemble Cirque d’Solei.




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17 12 2008

I spend nine months at a job where all I did was proposals and the ones we actually won were scarier than the ones we didn’t. I always figured we won because I forgot to include something!

SB Sez: Hmm, so, less effort=better results?! I am so down with that.

18 12 2008

Ahh you take me back to a time when I had job where you could get quite a few of the feelings you outline here… I remember when I could be creative, be inspired and inspiring and get to feel that, “I’ve achieved feeling” once a while.
Nowadays I get mostly “Gosh I’m bored” and a little bit of “Has that clock stopped working????” :o)
Moving jobs has been a good thing for you, Work= Happy is very important as we spend a huge portion of our lives there.
I have wonderful images of you trying to get out of your parking spot now! :o)

SB Sez: Some days it does seem as though the clock has stopped moving and some days it moves TOO quick! The weirdest part about the parking is that I have to sing a francis while doing it (you know, for effect).

18 12 2008

CONGRATS!! Here’s to work well done and the glow of added responsibility.

I am toasting you in spirit, Bouncy babe. Cheers!

SB Sez: I partook in your share of toasting last night.

18 12 2008

Good for you! It is always a great sense of satisfaction for a job well done!

As to the crazy parking lot patrons…I feel your pain
Also how hard is it to not ding someone’s door???

I was told by a woman that smacked into my car door…well that’s what happens when you park in public lot

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